The Fault in Our Stars category it is continuation to film 1


The Fault in Our Stars category

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The Fault in Our Stars category it is continuation to film 1
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it is continuation to film 1

150 word(s) minimum, continuation of assignment1

Reply to the following:

John Irving stipulated full-control of the creative process for the adaptation of his Here Cider House Rules novel. I thought it was fascinating to hear a novelist speak about the constrictions of screenplay adaptation. Irving’s main concern was to keep the emotional tenor of each text (film and novel) the same. The novel and the film are definitely pro-choice, and Irving got Mirimax to back him on his desire for total control. The interviewer thought that the delay in adapting the novel (I think over 14 years) was because of the controversial nature of the novel. However, Irving relayed it had more to do with remaining faithful to the original text. Consequently, a 500 pages novel had to reduced to around 130 something pages. Irving realized it was better eliminate minor characters, rather than marginalizing them with a superficial treatment. Several other Irving movies were made into feature films, but this was the first one with which he had artistic control. He got to work on casting choices, which allowed a strict verisimilitude to occur. He also was aware that directors need freedom–especially visually–to construct a story, and he agreed to agree with the Swedish director LasseHalstrom about artistic liberty.


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