Team/Group Dynamics Paper


Team/Group Dynamics Paper

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Team/Group Dynamics Paper
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Team/Group Dynamics Paper

– PSYC 302D

Team/Group Dynamics Paper

Before you begin your paper, read this week’s assignment so that you are familiar with the various factors and issues that teams or groups face in their attempt to function effectively. A significant portion of your grade for this assignment will be determined by how well you relate these factors to your experience (see grading rubric).

Think about a team or group that you belong to or have belonged to in the past. Then in a 4 to 5-page paper, provide a thorough analysis of the effectiveness of your team’s/group’s performance and its ability to work together to accomplish its goals. Your analysis should address each of the following elements:

1.Composition–How heterogeneous or homogeneous was your team/group and how did that impact productivity?

2.Size–How did the size of the team/group impact productivity?

3.Norms–How clear were group norms and how did the team/group norms impact productivity?

4.Cohesiveness–How cohesive was the team/group? What factors affected group cohesiveness?

5.Informal leadership–Did the team/group have informal leaders and to what extent did they contribute to successfully achieving its goals?

6.Group decision-making–How much did the team/group make collective decisions and how was this advantageous or detrimental to goal achievement?

7.Conflict management–How effectively was conflict between individuals or among the team/group managed?

Conclude your paper with a recommendation section where you suggest two or three specific ways, based on your analysis of the above elements, to improve your team’s/group’s effectiveness.


Griffin, R. W., Phillips, J. M.,& Gully, S.G. (2017). Organizational behavior: Managing people and organizations(12thed.).Belmont, CA: Cengage.


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