Teacher grades tough. original only. due Saturday 1/25/20 by 7:00pm

Assignment 1: Strategy, Planning, and Selection
Due Week 3 and worth 170 points

Assume for this assignment that you are being highly considered for a director-level HR management position for a best-in-class national retailer. You are in the final phase of the interview process and must respond to the interview panel regarding specific questions and scenarios that will help them determine if you are a good fit for the new role. The company’s culture is centered on the effective development of strategy, plans, and selection criteria aimed at building and sustaining a competitive and profitable organization. It will be extremely important that you respond with a strategic mindset in order to convince the organization you are able to help them ensure the execution of the business strategy.

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Teacher grades tough. original only. due Saturday 1/25/20 by 7:00pm
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Write a six to seven (6-7) page paper in which you:

  • Analyze different types of strategies (cost leadership, differentiation, and focus/niche) and select which one you would deem more appropriate for an “efficiency-minded” retail organization and explain your rationale. How would the selected strategy ultimately affect how HR does its job?  
  • Examine the four (4) approaches to job design/redesign and provide an example (not a definition) of each. Then, make a case to the interviewing panel on the importance of effective job design applications in supporting the overall strategic goals of the organization.  
  • Consider challenges and constraints associated with recruiting workers and identify and discuss at least two (2) issues. What advice would you give to ease your selected issues? Be specific.  
  • List and describe 2–3 candidate selection process ideas that might add value and overall effectiveness to the process. HINT: http://www.selectinternational.com/blog/bid/147051/5-Tips-for-Designing-an-Effective-Employee-Selection-System. Also, what problems should HR and management teams avoid during the selection process?  
  • Format your assignment according to these formatting requirements:  

    Be typed, double spaced, using Times New Roman font (size 12), with one-inch margins on all sides; references must follow APA or school-specific format. Check with your professor for any additional instructions.  
    Include a cover page containing the title of the assignment (with running head), the student’s name, the professor’s name, the course title, and the date. The cover page is not included in the required page length.  
    Include a reference page. Citations and references must follow APA format. The reference page is not included in the required page length. Use the Strayer University Library at https://research.strayer.edu to locate additional sources to support your work.  

The specific course outcomes associated with this assignment are:  

  • Assess the strategic role of human resource management and the components that provide a competitive advantage to the organization.  
  • Examine the human resource management functions of recruiting and selecting, and their importance to business strategy.  



Strategy, Planning, and Selection

Your Name Goes Here

Strayer University

HRM 599 – Human Resource Management Capstone

October XX, 2020

NOTE: Use this cover page style for all papers in this course. No diagrams, clip art, shapes, smart art, or colored text is allowed on cover pages. The paper’s title must also be the same as the title selected for the assignment in the course instructions.

Strategy, Planning, and Selection

Introduction is mandatory! Short Introduction may be 1-2 paragraphs to introduce the topic and to let readers know what the paper is going to be about. NOTE: The title for the introduction section is not bold text and should be the exact title of the paper on the cover page…NOT the word Introduction. This section is worth 5 points so don’t leave it out.

Headings are mandatory and there must be one for each paper requirement found in the student guide. Headings must be bold text with all key words beginning with capital letters. You may use the below headings or create your own. You must not copy and paste the paper instructions or criteria as your headings.

Analyzing Strategies and their Effects on HR Job Performance

Job Design Approaches and Importance to Supporting Strategic Goals

Challenges and Constraints in Recruiting Workers

Candidate Selection Processes and Avoiding Issues

**Make absolutely sure that you discuss and cover every aspect of the paper’s criteria (topics) based on the above headings.


Conclusion is mandatory and should at minimum be 1 to 2 paragraphs providing a brief summary of the paper’s main points and recommendations.


Holley, W. H., Jennings, K. M., & Wolters, R. S. (2017). The labor relations process (11th ed.). Mason, OH: South-Western Cengage Learning.

Mathis, R. L., Jackson, J. H., & Valentine, S. R. (2015). Human resource management (15th ed.). Stamford, CT: Cengage Learning.

Reference page and list is mandatory. References are listed alphabetically, double-spaced, and if more than 1 line of information, indented. CRITICAL: For each reference listed on the reference page there must be at least one citation noted in the text of the paper. Also note that not all types of references are set up the same. See APA rules.

NOTE: This paper template/outline can be used for all assignments in the course except the presentation. Just be sure to make the appropriate necessary changes specific to each assignment.

Once you are ready to begin writing, be sure to remove all blue text. Good luck!

Hello Strayer Team HRM 522

As you prepare for our 1st course assignment, I want you to be aware of a checklist I will be using as I
am reviewing your paper. It is safe to say if you cover all the steps, you will do quite well on the
assignment. You must get away from rules you followed in other courses and follow your current
course’s rules.

Here’s what you’ll be specifically graded on:

1. The running heads are set up properly on cover page and information is centered on the
page (not too far up or too far down).

2. Every page has a page number and it is placed inside the running head.
3. Introduction and Conclusion sections are required and worth 5 points each. Please do not miss

4. All headings are restructured versions of the paper’s requirements statements and not copied

and pasted versions.
5. Reference and introduction headings are not to be bold text; all other headings are bold text
6. All citations have 3 parts: author, year, and page or paragraph numbers and this even includes

for paraphrased words. Mandatory!
7. All paragraphs are properly indented throughout the paper.
8. Introduction section has the title of the paper as its heading…NOT the word Introduction.
9. Paper has good mixture of research and student’s own thoughts and the information is specific

and relevant. Multiple long quotes (more than 40 words) are not permitted.
10. Conclusion section is effective and does not repeat what the introduction says. Should be based

on important highlights and making recommendations.
11. Any journal article used as a reference must be listed with a “retrieved from” web address that

takes the reader directly to the source, NOT to the host page (Ex; Ebsco; Strayer library)

Note: There are tools and documents in the student center or course information section of the course
to help with the above points. There are also links to APA.

When you receive feedback on your papers, the above points will be copied and pasted as the
comments. Any point that is bold text means an error or errors were found for that point. Check your
paper to see why points were bold text as I will not provide any additional comments. However, if you
absolutely do not know why the points were bold text, you may email me, and I will provide further

NOTE: Your textbook will be the absolute BEST source to use for the assignment. Consider it first and
then search for other sources.

If there are any quests AT ALL please contact me sooner, rather than later.

Dr. Wash


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