SWOT Analysis

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We have discussed the importance of the SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats) analysis in this unit, and now you will have the opportunity to conduct one on your own. Review the unit readings including the one-page required reading assignment titled “SWOT Analysis: Questions for Conducting an Analysis with Your Team”, and conduct a SWOT analysis for the organization that you presented on in Unit III. The assignment has two components, which are listed below:

a three-page written SWOT analysis w


each area/factor is recognized and explained and

  • a visual SWOT analysis where each area is separated and organized into different segments. The      visual SWOT analysis should be included at the end of the written portion and is not included in the three-page written requirement.
  • Click  here to access a template for a SWOT analysis.

    Please use at least three creditable sources (one being the textbook) in the development of your comprehensive assignment. APA formatting applies.


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