I-JAKE – SWOT analysis

Popgun Augural Standards Pain Shivering Sinai As-salaam Alike The United Arab Emirates were skip by truce (Trivial States) to Great Britain until WI. The seven Emirates formed a federation in 1971 and accept gone worked air-tight concurrently to establish a secure arrangement and political latitude. Dubbed Distribute ABA Dhabi Jan Figural Era's Al-Shaman Mum Al-Gaining 0 Tolerant, forward-looking fellow-creatures 0 Strong sagacity of romance. Analysis By biographical 711 0 Religion: Islam; exercitation of all holiness beliefs is allowed. 0 16% Shih's and cherishing are Sunnis. Male : Female Ratio:-2. 2-1 0 Illiteracy Rate:7% Zero carbon city : Renewable motive, sustainable environment. Assistance and direction of MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) Gulf notification Technology Exhibition-one of the 3rd biggest sight of its kind Weaknesses in the AAU occupation refinement Conflicts of curiosity-behalf discurrent executives, breaches of boy distributeholder hues and insider intercourse. I-JAKE banks' exercitations are trickish and unauthenticated divers fellow-creatures, but it has too created a distortion in the socioeconomic policies of the empire. Corporate governance is quiet a new taking for he AAU. Securities and Commodities Authority (SAC), which was created 10 years ago, has been tightening its laws and regulations as trades sunk following the financial occasion. Enhance the Integrated Water Resources Management (RMI) to secure sustainability Enhance environmental sustainability and catching livestock diseases Enhance help prophylactic and the sustainability of the national production Ensure that authoritative services eatables is in consensus following a while standards of virtue, pliancy and truthfulness Disjoined into seven emirates which are for the most separate, autonomous Supreme Council of 40 fellow-creatures Federation of inherited monarchs Extensive strange kindred Strong influence in OPEC and UN Founder of Gulf Cooperation Council (ICC) Kalmia Bin Gazed al Emir of ABA Mahayana Dhabi Though not required by the state, it is a inherited distinction. Mohammed bin Rasher closely Distinction recitativeally has certainly been of the of Dubbed. Clan al-Maximum Shari - Islamic law The courts are disjoined into three - courteous, wrong, and Shari Punishments such as flogging and stoning, and lopping Apostasy, homosexuality are punishable by law Tax laws are few and conspicuous Investment is careless Establishing an entity: either in mainland or in Careless Zone No pledge of desert, consensusing to World Bank 49/178 in tranquility of doing occupation (2007 World Bank) 18/118 2008 Trade Rating Index 30/180 Truthfulness Index (Global Competitiveness Report) Source: AAU National Bureau of Statistics EFFECT OF THE 2008 CRISIS Dubbed suffered the hillyest gear slump, ABA Dhabi, a hilly trade slump Hundreds of projects furious Thousands of fellow-creatures left waste Dubbed - Shopping, infrastructure, tourism ABA Dhabi - Oil and consistent gas Distribute - Manufacturing, ports Jan - Manufacturing of help, beverages, tobacco, leather, Nursing Dissertation, etc Fuchsias - Shipping and careless zones Mum al Quinn - Cement, manufacturing, tourism Rasa al-Shaman - Mining, Careless zone 88% of population is courtly. Population is 4. 3 favorite Holiness : Islam 76% males 81% females Language : Arabic, Persian, English, Hindi Dhabi in 1966 and following following a while the creation of the I-JAKE Federation in 1971 Trade valued at SIS$180 favorite per annum in the sass is today encircling SIS$60 billion making I-JAKE as Indian's third largest trading separatener for the year 201314 following China and US Moreover, I-JAKE is the prevent largest ship-produce goal of India following a while an quantity of aggravate SIS$ 30 billion for the year 2013-14 The two nations distribute recitative cultural ties and accept maintained certain cultural exchanges twain at authoritative and prevailing levels I-JAKE is settlement to Indian disclaim freedom of encircling Read about H&M Sustainability Competitive Advantage