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STUDENT REPLY 1# Khamo Khamo

I feel that holding the people responsible of committing a crime accountable for their actions at the same time protecting the public and preventing crime are the characteristic that define objectivity in the judicial system. The judicial system is one that is always evolving and improving with time because the very essence of what makes a judicial system continues to change. I believe that some of the obstacles that stand in the way are bias and prejudice that is on public display every day in the courtroom. In many ways to try and understand on how to diffuse such situations or standards of practice can be complex and thus, courtrooms need to be complied with employees from different background. Judges, jurors, prosecutors, and defense attorneys are from different races and ethnic groups. Objectivity encourages social change in the courtroom by diversifying the pool of employees that completes a courtroom. “After Justice Sonia Sotomayor faced criticism for pointing out that a “wise Latina” judge may “reach a better conclusion” than a white male judge, many criticized her for arguing that white judges are not as good at their hobs. While the ethnicity of judges has nothing to do with the quality of their legal reasoning, diversity is important because of the need for broader perspectives that can be brought to bear on the real-world issues facing judges in complex case” (Anderson & Jawando, 2016). Having ethnic diversity not just in a courtroom but also in life will grant your perspective that is not standardized or bias.


Racial and Gender Diversity Sorely Lacking in America’s Courts


STUDENT REPLY 2# Deione Aldridge

The characteristics that define objectivity in the judicial system are racism and bias traits. These are obstacles because of the fact that you should never be bias in a courtroom because justice is supposed to be blind being bias is hurtful in the courtroom because a verdict made be jaded at the time, In the article most judges were white for a while so the verdicts against African American were unfair because of the history of our journey as African Americans in white America. Objectivity has become more fluent because times have changed, and things are looked at as more fairly more research has been done to stop this. Barack Obama becoming the first black president is a perfect example of how social change has impacted us as a whole that was fair and just. Having more black judges and lawyers is an example as well.


Jawando, M. L., & Anderson, A. (2016, September 15). Racial and gender diversity sorely lacking in America’s courts. Center for American Progress. Retrieved from


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