Staryer LEG100 midterm exam I/Staryer LEG100 midterm exam I


Question 1

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Staryer LEG100 midterm exam I/Staryer LEG100 midterm exam I
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Which of the following is a theory that recognizes that firms have relationships with many constituent groups which both affect and are affected by the actions of the firm?

A. Stakeholder

B. Stockholder

C. Relational

D. Cohesive

Question 2

Managers can make their own ______ law by entering into contracts and crafting certain governance structures.

A. Public

B. Primary

C. Cohesive

D. Private 

Question 3

The ______ approach recognizes that “business decisions consist of continuous, interrelated economic and moral components.”

A. Procedural

B. Systems

C. Conciliatory

D. Mandated

Question 4

Which of the following is listed in the text as a component of managing risk when assembling a team in business development?

A. Analyzing any covenants not to compete

B. Purposefully refusing to address issues such as sexual harassment at such an early stage

C. Informing employees regarding the e-mail communications are not discoverable

D. Refusing to provide whistleblower protection

Question 5

The ______ approach to business and society introduced in the text is a descriptive framework that integrates legal and societal considerations with mainstream theories of competitive advantage and social responsibility.

A. Integrative

B. Systems

C. Proactive

D. Economic


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