Staryer CRJ100 Midterm Exam (2015 version)/Staryer CRJ100 Midterm Exam (2015 version)



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Staryer CRJ100 Midterm Exam (2015 version)/Staryer CRJ100 Midterm Exam (2015 version)
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Question 1

Which of the following is not a focus of community policing?

a. Order maintenance

b. Emergency service

c. Crime fighting

d. Problem solving

Question 2

UCR data suggests that the average police officer makes less than one felony arrest every ____ months.

a. 2

b. 4

c. 6

d. 8


Question 3

The statement “Aggressive policing increases community perception that police arrest many criminals and therefore most violators get caught” is an example of what?

a. a deterrent effect

b. a proactive effect

c. an aggressive effect

d. sheer luck

Question 4

Regardless of the size of the policing organization this person has general administrative control and sets policy for all of the department’s operating branches

a. Democratic Appointee

b. CompStat

c. Chief of Police

d. Chief of Hot Spots

Question 5

In Martin Innes’ study of investigation techniques he found that police rely heavily on _________ that includes canvas of neighborhoods, interviews with friends/family and constructing victim/suspect timelines to solve a crime.

a. Specific Focus

b. General coverage

c. Technology and Crime Mapping



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