Springfield College Integrity Paper

Please compose a paper on integrity. The papershould have five distinct parts. The first part should defineintegrity. Please display a working understanding of this value.What does the National Association of Social Work state about integrity.Please cite the specific areas which reference this but also go beyond this andcite others including Donna Hicks the second book used in the course.Please provide three illustrations which provide evidence ofunderstanding. Can you use a real-life example from your professionallife? The examples should provide some details about what you werethinking and your response.Please provide a clear statement about the implications of integrity in thesocial work profession. Please try to avoid personal pronouns in thissection. Please make the length from 3 to 5 pages using APA as well asproviding a reference page.

two books used in class are

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Springfield College Integrity Paper
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coady, N and Lehmann, P 2016

Theoretical Perspectives for Direct Social Work Practice, Third Edition: A Generalist-Eclectic Approach

Dignity: Its Essential Role in Resolving Conflict

Book by Donna Hicks


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