South University NSG6420 Week 5 midterm exam/South University NSG6420 Week 5 midterm exam


Question 1

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South University NSG6420 Week 5 midterm exam/South University NSG6420 Week 5 midterm exam
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A 22-year-old female comes to your office with complaints of right lower quadrant abdominal pain, which has been worsening over the last 24 hours. On examination of the abdomen, there is a palpable mass and rebound tenderness over the right lower quadrant. The clinician should recognize the importance of

Digital rectal examination


Pelvic examination


Question 2

Which of the following clinical reasoning tools is defined as evidence-based resource based on mathematical modeling to express the likelihood of a condition in select situations, settings, and/or patients?

Clinical practice guideline

Clinical decision rule

Clinical algorithm

Clinical recommendation

Question 3

A common auscultatory finding in advanced CHF is

Systolic ejection murmur
S3 gallop rhythm
Friction rub

Question 4

Mr. Keenan is a 42-year-old man with a mild history of GERD and a remote history of an appendectomy, presenting with an acute onset of significant right upper-quadrant abdominal pain and vomiting. His pain began after a large meal, was unrelieved by a proton-pump inhibitor, was unlike his previous episodes of heartburn, but upon questioning, reports milder, prodromal episodes of similar post-prandial pain. His pain seems to radiate to his back.Despite a family history of cardiac disease, he reports no classic anginal signs or chest pain. He furthermore denies respiratory or pleuritic signs and denies fever, night sweats, and unintended weight loss. Finally, there are no dermatologic signs, nor genitourinary symptoms.

The chosen imaging study reveals: “GB normal in size without wall-thickening, but with 5-6 stones with shadowing. Common bile duct not dilated. Liver is homogenous and normal in size. Pancreas and kidneys are normal.” What is the most effective therapeutic/management option at this point?

Trial of ursodiol
Watchful waiting
Surgical consult
HIDA scan

Question 5

A patient complains of fever, fatigue, and pharyngitis. On physical examination there is pronounced cervical lymphadenopathy. Which of the following diagnostic tests should be considered?

Mono spot

Strep test

Throat culture

All of the above


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