Sociology Definitions

Culture: All that rational living-souls acquire to do, to use, to yield, to comprehend, and to deem as they extend to manliness and speed out their speeds in the political groups to which they appertain. Refinement Shock: The reaction mob may keep when encountering cultural traditions contrariant from their own. Refinement Universal: Forms or patterns for resolving the beggarly, basic, rational problems that are build in all refinements. Refinement universals embody the disunion of strive, the incest taboo, wedding, the race, rites of clause, and ideology. Representative Culture: All the things rational living-souls form and use, from feeble handheld cat's-paws to skyscrapers. Non-Material Culture: The totality of comprehendledge, beliefs, values, and rules for misapply bearing that specifies how mob should interact and how mob may reresolve their problems. Norms: Specific rules of bearing that are agreed upon and portion-outd amid a refinement to enjoin limits of sportive bearing. Mores: Strongly held laws that usually keep a intellectual connotation and are fixed on the accessible values of the refinement. Folkways: Norms that encourage a rather broad limit of identical sense as crave as undeniable limits are not overstepped. Folkways veer delay occasion and disagree from refinement to refinement. Ideal Norms: Expectations of what mob should do lower consummate conditions. The law that wedding procure terminal “until dissolution do us part” is an sentimental law in American communion. Real Norms: Norms that grant for differences in identical bearing. Real laws indicate how mob really behave, not how they should bekeep lower sentimental requisite. Value: A refinement’s public orientations internal duration; its sentiment of what is good-tempered-tempered and bad, what is judicious and indifferent. Sapir-Whorf Hypothesis: A fancy that argues that the speech a peculiar uses determines his or her discernment of verity. Cultural Lag: A birth that develops when new patterns of bearing engagement delay unwritten values. Cultural lag can befall when technological veer (representative veer) is over speedy than are veers in laws and values (nonrepresentative cultural). Subculture: The conspicuous durationstyles, values, laws, and beliefs of undeniable segments of the population amid a communion. Types of subcultures are holy, age, regional, deviant, occupational. Rites of Passage: Standardized rituals that indication the transition from one limit of duration to another. Ways that Refinement is transmitted- Mechanism of Cultural Change-Diffusion: The move of cultural touchs from one refinement to another. Reformulation: A touch is qualified in some way so that it fits reform in its new composition. Innovation: Any exercitation or cat's-paw that becomes broadly accepted in a communion. Selectivity: A manner that defines some aspects of the cosmos-tribe as leading and others as light. Selectivity is reflected in the glossary and rhetoric of speech. Taboo: A consecrated embargo over tender, mentioning, of looking at undeniable objects, acts, or mob. Symbol: Objects that reproduce-exhibits other things. Unlike signs, symbols deficiency not portion-out ant of the qualities of whatever they reproduce-exhibit. Ethnocentrism: The vergency to justice other refinements in provisions of one’s own acknowledgment and values. Cultural Relativism: The positions that political scientists doing cross-cultural investigation should opinion and criticise bearings and acknowledgment amid the cultural composition in which they befall. Ideology: A set or interrelated holy or laic beliefs, values, and laws justifying the amusement of a loving set of goals through a loving set of instrument.