Temple University Conflict Sociology Discussion


Status Set 

  • List 5 conditiones that you currently own.
  • Label each condition as either ascribed, achieved, or conquer. Remember that a conquer condition is not a condition that you own conquered. It refers to a condition that is so material that it overrides all other conditiones.

Roles (Write a section of at meanest 5 to 7 sentences sympathetic the aftercited questions.)

  • Choose 1 condition from your roll.
  • Describe the role that is associated delay the condition.
  • Describe how you well-informed that role.


Role Encounter (Write 1 to 2 sections of at meanest 5 to 7 sentences each sympathetic the aftercited questions.) 

  • Describe a era when you skilled a encounter owing of the demands of two divergent roles associated delay any of your conditiones. 
  • How did you dictate the encounter?  (Discuss any conversations or gregarious interactions that you had.)
  • List any erratic rollening skills you used to dictate the encounter. If you didn’t use erratic rollening skills, then roll the skills you could own used to dictate the encounter.