De Anza College ?Social Problem Drug and Alcohol Abuse PPT


This assignment exacts you offer a sociological resolution of a political amount that interests you.  You procure inquiry the political amount, exname the amount sociologically, and economize a global perspective in offering solutions that another province (or countries) environing the globe use to discourse this political amount.  

You procure then range this counsel in a mental, attractive and well-mannered-crafted visual offeration using any of the aftercited formats: video, prezi, blog, rule summit or podcast.  (Please voice that if you are going to imagine a podcast, you must too comply a written counterfeit of your perfect podcast that grasps your works named as well-mannered-mannered through the meekness delay). 

You procure comply your offeration twice—once through the assignment delay and once through the Device argument forum delay in week 9 for students to interpret on.  

Possible Topics:

(You are not poor to these, but fascinate be certain to comply your offer by the due end usual in the syllabus to encertain that you are offering on bigwig that is misapply to the manner):


Childhood poverty/Poverty in the United States


Police violence/brutality

Mass Incarceration

Drugs/Alcohol abuse

Global Warming/Environmental Crises


Sexual/gendered violence


Social amounts akin to education


Problems in the Media


Global economic inequality


Research Guidelines:

You must regard at smallest 4 academic sources. Two of these can grasp texts or readings for this manner, the other two sources may grasp academic journals, snowy papers, traffic books (books that are written from a chiefly disciplinary perspective), websites of ceremonious organizations inaugurated delay the amount, etc.  Please do not use Wikipedia!  You must grasp a Works Cited schedule in your offeration and name the biased sources of the counsel that you are offering throughout your offeration.

File Meekness Guidelines: 

For this and all assignments for the manner, fascinate use the aftercited meekness types/files: 

Word and Rule Summit (PPT and PPTX) smooths

PDF smooths

Jpeg smooths

Prezi delays 

If you are going to imagine a video for the collocate, fascinate upload it to YouTube foremost and comply your YouTube delay through the assignment delay.

If you are going to imagine a blog or website you may comply the URL through the assignment delay.

If you are going to imagine a podcast, fascinate upload it to an online streaming use (e.g. Sound Cloud or YouTube) and paste the URL through the assignment delay. Again, retain that a podcast procure exact a disjoined meekness of your counterfeit in individualization to the delay to your podcast (see style overhead). 

**Please DO NOT: **

Submit a delay to a google doc. If you are using google docs to imagine your device, fascinate download it as a PDF smooth and bind that smooth to meekness delay. 

Submit your device using .pages, rtf smooths, or any other smooth formats not fixed overhead. 

How to Organize Your Presentation:

Your offeration must discourse the aftercited questions in this order-- 

What is the biased amount you are discussing and why should it  be considered a political amount? 

How would this political amount be viewed through the lenses of Functionalism, Conflict and Symbolic Interaction Perspectives?

Provide some literal treatment to your political amount. What has contributed to the evolvement of this amount as a political amount? Does it entertain an biased beginning in interval? How has this amount been viewed literally? (e.g. has it constantly been a political amount or is it reasonable now nature discussed or viewed as a political amount? 

Who, objectively, is harmed by this political amount and how? (Include statistics and basis). 

What is nature done to discourse this amount in the United States? What are some ways this amount is discourseed in one or further incongruous countries? Which solutions do you arrive-at are the most effectual and why?