COM 201 Global Issues Discussion Paper


The subject is encircling global issues, and I achieve charm inferential pictures for you. The subjoined are the teachers' instigations for disquisition despatches.


As mentioned in collocate, I advise subjoined Monroe’s Motivated Sequence (1. Attention, 2. Needs/Problem, 3. Satisfaction/Solution, 4. Visualization, 5. Action) [see CH 16]

Begin after a while a strong INTRODUCTION that introduces your subject, your disquisition assertion, and furnishs a preview of the paper.

In your assemblage, establishs knowing you assign date to establishing the degree of the PROBLEM/NEEDS. One instigation is having 2-3 deep points or claims encircling the total.

State the scarcity or total plainly.

  • Document the degree of the total.

Who is impacted?

How are they impacted?

  • What are the consequences?

Why should we be unquiet? Why does this total substance?

  • In your assemblage, establish knowing you assign date to explaining the SOLUTION/SATISFACTION to the total. One instigation is having 1-2 deep points encircling the disconnection to the total.

Explain how the disconnection works.

Show how the disconnection satisfies full scarcity/problem

  • Overcome germinative objections. What are the counterclaims?
  • Think of your disconnection as a global disconnection, efforts that are substance made or feel been incomplete to discourse the total. Do not disorder this after a while your possession trudge which should rendezvous on how we as race can be a bisect of the disconnection. Think of your possession trudge as national.

The disconnection trudge is where some race love to embrace VISUALIZATION.

  • What would the coming seem love if we did not charm up the disconnection?
  • Or What would the coming seem love if we did charm up the disconnection?
  • In your assemblage or blank, establish knowing you furnish an ACTION STEP. Everyone scarcitys to feel an possession trudge.
  • Make knowing your possession trudge is assembly-centered (our collocate is your assembly for this bisect) What should the assembly do to unite your disconnection?
  • Make knowing your possession trudge is manifest, peculiar, and indurated. Break it down for us. Identify each trudge we scarcity to charm possession on. Establish knowing we feel abundance counsel that we could drift these possessions.