Connecting Sociological Theory and Social Issues

Running Head: Connecting Sociological Theory and Collective Issues Connecting Sociological Theory and Collective Issues The subject-matter of cherished is the HIV/AIDS transferred in the United States and encircling the universe. HIV/AIDS has been a ocean sorrow for the universe since its uniformence in the 1980’s. “The power of HIV/AIDS in the United States through 2009 was encircling 1 darling instances. Worldwide, the power of HIV/AIDS varies from hither than 0. 1 percent to 15–28 percent of a country’s population”. (Schaefer 394) This essay gain discuss the three elder collectiveization perspectives on this manifestation; the interactionist perspective, the engagement perspective, and the exercisealist perspective. Each perspective gain grant a main instinct on how fellowship deduces. The exercisealist perspective is vivid as “a sociological arrival that emphasizes the way in which the talents of a fellowship are structured to oceantain its stationariness”. (Schaefer 440) On the subject-matter of HIV/AIDS, a exercisealist gain most likely centre on how this manifestation has fictitious heartiness circumspection for those depraved delay the malady. Without own heartinesscare, there gain be a sociological imbalance. So in command to import end pit and stationariness, other alternatives own to be established. A exercisealist gain emphasize that “if established collective institutions cannot engage a searching deficiency, new collective networks are likely to uniforme to complete that exercise. In the instance of AIDS, self-help groups own unconfused, in-particular in the gay communities of elder cities, to circumspection for the disgusted, school the heartinessy, and lobby for past answering common policies”. Schaefer 395) On the other workman, the engagement perspective is centreed on the strain that comes encircling delay the HIV/AIDS transferred. For a desire date AIDS was seen as a homosexual, refuse user, African American malady. From the engagement viewpoint this could be a deduce why the council did not accord as undeviatingly as they should own. “Studies profession that African Americans and Latinos are diagnosed succeeding and are slower to entertain composition than other racial and ethnic roups. ” (Schaefer 395) However, to redress the unlawfulness there has been new programs to obtain out to minorities and those hither propitious to entertain compositions. An interactionist perspective looks at an manifestation on a smaller lamina (micro) than the engagement and exercisealist perspective. The interactionist is defined as “a sociological arrival that generalizes encircling unamazed forms of collective interaction in command to illustrate fellowship as a undivided”. Schaefer 441) The HIV/AIDS transferred on a micro flatten was predicted that the outburst “would guide to a past undestroyed sexual region discurrent twain homosexuals and heterosexuals, in which persons would be abundant past cowardly encircling proper confused delay new partners. ” (Schaefer 395) However, statistics own professionn entirely the repugnant. “People in the United States own not heeded precautions encircling “safe sex. ” Data from studies conducted in the forthcoming 1990s involved a growing self-approval encircling AIDS, uniform discurrent those who were most tender. ” (Schaefer 395) To finish, no sociological perspective or arrival is the particular order of viewing fellowship as a undivided. It is best to conduct a petty bit of each perspective. Although, each perspective is incongruous, they all draw that HIV/AIDS is a colossal sorrow for fellowship. If we do not hold to effect advance and beseem lax in spreading the advice on HIV/AIDS, truth gain own a way of repeating itself. Reference Schaefer, Richard T.. Sociology: A Brief Introduction, 9th Edition. McGraw-Hill Learning Solutions, 2011. <vbk:0077587626#outline(1. 5. 4)>.