Sanders COM 2301 CS 4 and 5

Please Answer Each Case Study Separated

Unit 4 Case Study

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Sanders COM 2301 CS 4 and 5
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Analysis of Code of Ethics

Analyze the code of conduct at your workplace, at a company of your choosing, or at a company that posts its code online. Write a report explaining your findings. Consider the following questions in your response:

1. Summarize the intentions and expectations of the code of conduct you are analyzing.

2. Did all employees have to certify that they have read and understand the code? Do you think that employees will follow the rules because they have signed a document stating that they understand and will follow the code? Explain clearly your reasons for agreeing or disagreeing.

3. Are there examples that help you to understand some of the mandates in the code? Did you find them to be helpful? Why, or why not?

4. What are some of the values that employees are expected to have?

5. Does the company provide a communication plan that ensures that employees adhere to the plan? What does that plan look like? Please summarize.

6. Is there anything in the code that did not make sense to you? What was unclear about it?

7. Do you consider the code to be ethical? Why, or why not?

8. Do you consider the code to be a legal contract between the employee and employer? Why, or why not?

Your report should be at least two pages, not including the title and reference pages, and your report should follow APA formatting.

Unit 5 Case Study

Persuasive Messages

Scenario: Your supervisor disagrees with your suggestion that employees should be allowed to create online profiles in LinkedIn. You believe that communicating with others on LinkedIn will give employees an opportunity to meet their peers and will also provide potential leads and business partners. However, your supervisor believes that other companies will get an opportunity to review her employees’ qualifications and might make them employment offers that they would accept. You believe you can persuade your supervisor to accept your perspective and are deciding whether to send an e-mail or to speak with her in person.

Complete the following tasks:

1. Create an e-mail to your supervisor explaining your perspective on the matter of LinkedIn profiles. Use the information you have learned about presenting both verbal and nonverbal messages as you write the e-mail.

2. Describe what might be different about your message if you speak with your supervisor in person rather than send an e-mail. Use the concepts you learned about both verbal and nonverbal messages as you write your answer (300-word minimum).

3. Compare your two messages, and explain which medium might be more persuasive.

Requirements: Combine all three steps into one document, but separate all three steps into three pages. You can do this by inserting a page break after each step. This assignment does not require a title page or a reference page. All three sections together should total at least 900 words.


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