Revision policy

Revision policy offers free revision on all requests if a customer isn’t happy with the paper conveyed to them. Our main objective is to impart students with great scholastic assistance to improve their performance. At the point when you request a paper with us, you can make certain to have your paper revised for free. Your paper must meet the following rules to have your paper revised freely.

Steady guidelines. To have your paper revised without being charged, ensure your revision instructions are the same as the original paper instructions. This implies you can’t request a revision with new guidelines.
Appropriate correction demand. To have your paper updated, there is a procedure that must be followed. You need to press the unique update demand on your own request page to set your paper on correction. This implies you can’t send a revision demand by means of email or telephone.
One week deadline. You can demand for a free correction within 14 days as long as you have not affirmed the request. When the request has been affirmed you just have 7 days to demand for a free modification.

There are situation where you will be needed to pay an extra expense for the revision. In case the order needs outstanding upgrades, change to huge critical parts or you need us to rewrite the paper from scratch, you should pay an additional charge. For more information about the sum you are supposed to pay for this kind of revision, contact our Support Team.

The seven day deadline does not apply to large requests, for example, dissertation and thesis. This requests are dependent upon Progressive Delivery include. They are usually sent to you in parts. The writer finishes a part and then it is conveyed to you. For this requests, a revision request should be sent inside 21 days after the previous approval of the order.

A times we extend a writer’s deadline as per writer’s request if your time period permits the augmentation. You are additionally permitted to demand the revision be finished by an alternate writer. For this situation, we will require time to locate an accessible qualified writer and hence we may expect you to extend the deadline with as long as 12 hours.


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