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Response 1 101
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A security officer is employed by either the government or a private sector to safeguard the employer’s assets. The employer’s assets include property, people, equipment, money, and many others. On the other hand, a law enforcement office refers to governmental appointed personnel to enforce laws to citizens of that particular country. A law enforcement officer may include the police officer or the sheriff.


Security officers are responsible for being visible in the prevention of crime. Criminals are less likely to offend in the presence of a security guard. The security guard’s presence helps prevent criminal cases within the premises guarded. Security officers are also responsible for identifying suspicious behaviors. During a busy day, criminals may decide to cause harm to the employees during their job. Security guards are the key factors in preventing any damage likely to be generated during a busy day (Off duty officers, 2020). The officers are also responsible for contacting and communicating with the authorities in an emergency. Therefore, the security guards act as knowledgeable and conduct with the rules.


The responsibility of law enforcement officers is to protect the victims, and it helps promote offenders’ accountability by constantly enforcing laws. The law enforcement officers ensure that all the procedures are followed in the law enforcement processes. Additionally, the officers investigate to embrace justice (Virtual knowledge, 2011). The difference between the security guard and the law enforcement officer is that security officers are responsible for private property and maintaining the safety of people in the guarded area from criminals. On the other hand, police personnel protects neighborhoods, towns, and communities by enforcing laws. Under vicarious liability, the security guard employer is liable for any action by the security guard actions either the guard was on duty during the activity.


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