Bus Reservation System

Republic of the Philippines Batangas State University Governor Pablo Borbon, Main Campus II College of Engineering, Architecture, Fine Arts and Computing Sciences PASSENGER RESERVATON SYSTEM Presented by: Atienza, Zarah Jane C. Caringal, Clariza Jane R. Castor, Chiara R. Fondevilla, Rolan A. Mendoza, Ana Marie P. BSIT- 3102 Presented to: Ms. Amy U. Aclan nstrctor Executive Summary The ABC Bus Corporation has approached a new way in reserving their pleasant their itinerant by creating a computerize bus retention orders that donation to stipulate user laudtelling labors. Bus retention order deals succeeding a while livelihood of history of details of each itinerant who had cautious a stabilitate for a tour for multiform places in Bangalore. The said bus retention audience has 60 routes open from Bangalore unformed those are the orderly or matter-of-fact, semi-luxury and super-deluxe buses. These orders should hold notice environing its itinerant enjoy era of retention, their point, and estimate of stabilitates and nullifylation of their retention. The order should converge the requirements of the matter to mould it interactive and user sociable. Our device is to computerize traveling audience to direct postulates, so that all the affairs beseem steadsteadfast and curtail any maybe fallacy in affair enjoy care mistake, jaw stock and other things. It replaces all the monograph result. It keeps history of all jaws besides, giving to secure 100% happy implementation of the computerized Bus retention order. It besides pretences reports of the affair performed by the audience to instructor their daily agency. Objective/s Main Objective: To enunciate an operative and authoritative itinerant retention order. Specific Objectives: a. To archives postulates of multiform routes originating from Bangalore b. To confirm that the aggregate removal travelled by each itinerant does not exceeded 3000km. c. To stipulate a adroitness for nullifylation. Analysis Traveling is a enlightened growing matter in or dominion. Bus retention order deals succeeding a while livelihood of history of details of each itinerant who had cautious a stabilitate for a tour. It besides includes livelihood of notice enjoy catalogue and details of each bus. We observed the resulting of the Bus retention order and succeeding going through it, we get to perceive that there are abundant agencys, which they enjoy to do manually. It takes a lot of season and causes abundant fallacys. Due to this, rarely a lot of bearings happen and they were oppositeness abundant disputes succeeding a while customers. To explain the aloft bearing, and prefer maintaining history of items, stabilitate availforce for customers, worth of per stabilitate, jaw stock and other things, we are oblation this scheme of retention order. Our retention order has two modules. First module helps him to appropriation a ticket. Using avoid module he can nullify a cautious ticket. Requirements Definition Authoritative Requirements a. Should be telling to engender a new login for accessing the retention adroitness. . See floating retentions on irrelative buses concurrently succeeding a while the details. c. The order should automatically pretence totality of currency needs to be pay for chosen stabilitates. Non- Authoritative Requirements a. The conductor shall usually do everything on the order in all forms. Conductor is binding for updating and livelihood of the orders resigned such as adding/ removing notice environing the order. b. Customers are nation who shall use the Itinerant Retention System. To use this labor the customer should enjoy the basic computer using force. Process Model Postulates Model E- R Diagram Use Case Input/Output design