Research paper: Leadership strategy

Each student will research on Leadership Strategy topic and discuss it in a 10-12 page paper (double-spaced excluding bibliography, graphics, abstract, or title pages). The paper must include at least 10 relevant sources (dictionary definitions, .coms, Wikipedia are not considered relevant). Research from scholarly publications and popular press sources are relevant – use both types of sources.

Use APA format for the bibliography and in-text citations. Type all deliverables using Microsoft Word and implement the Times New Roman size 12 font. The paper should be a review/summary (think literature review) of your topic.

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Research paper: Leadership strategy
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Students will submit their final paper to the SafeAssign link provided in Canvasfor plagiarism detection.

Students who are found to have plagiarized their paper will receive a zero on the paper. A report of academic misconduct will be filed against the student. If you are unclear how to write a paper without plagiarizing please visit the Library and or Writing Center. You may also speak with your professor.

DO NOT Tips: Do not plagiarize. Do not wait until the last minute. Do not submit the wrong file (you can only submit once).

DO Tips: Visit the Writing Center at least once. Create an outline, draft, and final draft. Know that students who excel on this paper go above the minimum expectations. View the rubric before you start writing outline. Use scholarly sources.

Submit your paper as an MS word document (no other file format will be accepted).

Late Fall 2019 MGMT 510 Individual Research Paper

Student Name:













Research and Content
(30 points)

The paper has more than the required number of scholarly references, is longer than the full-length requirement, and fully explores multiple perspectives regarding the topic.

The paper uses the minimum number of scholarly sources, is full-length, and presents a substantial overview of the topic.

The paper uses the minimum number of sources but many are web based or non-scholarly sources. A minimal survey of the topic is presented. The paper shorter than the requirement.

The paper does not use the minimum number of sources, is shorter than the requirement, or does not talk about the required content.

The student did not follow instructions and/or did not cover any of the required topics.


(30 points)

The paper shows a strong analysis of the topic and adequate integration of research materials applied to the required topic.

The paper integrates the research well and explores the required topic topic well. Student applied a moderate amount of analysis.

The paper has an obvious thesis. However, it is weak and/or little attention was paid to analyzing the topic and research.

The paper has a weak thesis or serves merely as a summary of the research.

The paper does not have a clear thesis and/or no apparent analysis was performed on the research.


Grammar/ Mechanics
(20 points)

The paper was well written, focused, and had no mechanical or spelling errors.

The paper had fewer than five grammar, spelling or syntactical errors and was well organized and focused.

The paper had more than five grammar, spelling or syntactical errors yet still was focused and well organized.

The paper had mechanical errors that made the paper unclear or hard to read or it lacked focus and organization.

The paper had many errors and no focus or organization.


APA Style & Formatting
(10 points)

Paper met all APA and instructor formatting guidelines.

There were a few minor APA or formatting errors (fewer than five).

APA was followed but with significant errors (more than five).


The paper had no coherent format, was not APA, and/or lacks citations.


Annotated Bibliography (up to 10 points): __________________

Final Grade: _____________________________


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