Replies for peers. Need ONE Response Per Each Discussion Total 2 Responses. Attached Are The Discussions And Rubric Please Follow Them. Posts Will Be A Minimum Of 100 Words, APA Format.One Reference Per Each Discussion


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Replies for peers. Need ONE Response Per Each Discussion Total 2 Responses. Attached Are The Discussions And Rubric Please Follow Them. Posts Will Be A Minimum Of 100 Words, APA Format.One Reference Per Each Discussion
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Darline Francois

Health Promotion-Healthy People in 2030

For over three decades, Healthy people have continued to promote health through setting up benchmarks and monitoring the progress of community health. The program promotes community collaboration towards health, promotes healthy decision-making among individuals, and supports preventive health movements. Healthy people 2030 hold a vision where all individuals of society live long and healthy lives. There are challenges or problems facing health, and the primary three personally viewed challenges include mental illnesses, physical activity and nutrition, and substance abuse (Pronk et al., 2021). Physical activity and nutrition is my prioritized problem.

Physical activity and nutrition are my health problems of choice since they cut across all communities, age groups, and sex. Physical activity and nutrition are also individually controlled and easily achieved. Physical activity involves energy-intensive bodily movement. These activities help keep the body in an optimal state by utilizing excessive fats and promoting the production and consumption of glucose. Nutrition is healthy eating that involves the consumption of a balanced diet and healthy eating behaviors (Pronk et al., 2021). A disturbance in these aspects causes a disease commonly referred to as a lifestyle disorder. Inactivity predisposes people to obesity, while poor nutrition may cause over-nutrition or under-nutrition.

Inactivity and poor eating habits such as bulimia nervosa or binge eating disorders results in secondary effects, including diabetes, hypertension, and heart diseases. These secondary effects are the leading causes of deterioration in the health indicators. The risk indicators of inactivity and poor nutrition include individuals’ body mass index, waist circumferences, and eating behaviors (Pronk et al., 2021). These indicators may signify obesity or under-nutrition. For instance, a high body mass index shows obesity, while when low, it shows under-nutrition.

Conclusively, an individual’s health is subject to several factors that require balance. Physical activity and nutrition are factors that may pose a challenge. Community education and monitoring of risk indicators are vital in controlling and preventing the challenge. 




Pronk, N., Kleinman, D. V., Goekler, S. F., Ochiai, E., Blakey, C., & Brewer, K. H. (2021). Practice Full Report: Promoting Health and Well-being in Healthy People 2030. Journal of Public Health Management and Practice, 27(6), S242. 10.1097/PHH.0000000000001254


Noralina Almora

My selected three topics compose health behaviors, settings and systems and social determinants of health.

My topic 1 is on health behaviors. Health behaviors involve specific actions undertaken by people within the community influencing their health either positively or negatively. The health behaviors affecting individuals’ lives are positively composed of those who improve their health status like good nutrition and physical activities (Hooker et al., 2018). Contrarily, negative health behaviors highly increase individual’s risks of contracting diseases. They include excessive intake of alcohol, smoking among others (Hooker et al. 2018).

The primary reason why this selected topic is important is how it is helpful in the restoration of health amongst individuals. People possess different health behaviors to make their lives either healthy or unhealthy. For instance, engagement in positive, healthy behaviors reduces morbidity rates compared to harmful practices (Hooker et al., 2018). Therefore, health behaviors are on the frontline in influencing the probability of individuals contracting different forms of illness affecting their everyday living differently; hence should be highly regarded (Hooker et al. 2018).

Health behaviors can lead to secondary conditions or complications. According to research, modifiable health behaviors have been perceived to contribute to approximately 40% of deaths experienced in the United States (Hooker et al., 2018). Health behaviors such as tobacco use, poor nutrition intake, improper adherence to medication and other behaviors of similar features are reducing the patients’ lives quality drastically. Therefore, it is evident that there is a correlation between the experienced mortality by patients and the types of lifestyles they choose to follow (Hooker et al., 2018).

The primary criteria used to understand the development of such conditions compose the performance of surveillance and field investigations to understand why people engage in specific behaviors. By initiating these criteria, it will be easier to identify the right strategies to control such complications (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 2020).


Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. (2020). Cases, Data, and Surveillance. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Retrieved 2 January 2022, from


Hooker, S., Punjabi, A., Justesen, K., Boyle, L., & Sherman, M. D. (2018). Encouraging health behavior change: eight evidence-based strategies. Family practice management, 25(2), 31-36.



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