Replies for peers. Need ONE Response Per Each Discussion Total 2 Responses. Attached Are The Discussions And Rubric Please Follow Them. Posts Will Be A Minimum Of 100 Words, APA Format.One Reference Per Each Discussion

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Replies for peers. Need ONE Response Per Each Discussion Total 2 Responses. Attached Are The Discussions And Rubric Please Follow Them. Posts Will Be A Minimum Of 100 Words, APA Format.One Reference Per Each Discussion
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The United States system of health care is one not followed by other countries exactly. Different factors can be accommodated to improve is performance and effectiveness. When it comes to quality, the reality is that a patient is usually over with an appointment within 15 minutes of a visit. A true professional takes more than 15 minutes to properly assess a patient to accurately diagnose them. This is due to the rapid turn over trying to reach maximum patient quantity. This process declines the quality provided. Access is rather terrifying in the health care system, especially for Medicare patients. There is not enough doctors, nurses, nurse practioners to accommodate the amount of patients. This is due to over population. I believe by adjusting different access methods, patient would be able to better access medical care. although efficiency is key in using the minimum resources among the most patients, it should be done in a more effective way, rather than just righting prescriptions for symptoms. Proper diagnosing of disease would have less readmittance, leading to more efficient care. Equity is at a better standing now in this period, but still there are visible differences between government assisted health care and private funding health care. The communities in poverty do not have the same access to health care and this is not equity. This leads to unhealth lifestyles across the nation because there are communities in poverty in every state. Healthy lives can be improved by providing more community-based resources to the public, like public sports leagues to promote physical activity, nutrition coaches at community centers available for people looking to start a better life, or even just information for those suffering from obesity just trying to learn how to overcome it. The United States health system needs a turn around to lower the disease and obesity fatalities.


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Lissette Salvat

Good quality health is essential in the population’s lives as it provides cost-effective and sustained health care that improves patient outcomes. The United States should promote quality health care by an institution of greater transparency and encourage practitioners to use Patient-centered electronic health records. Health professionals can ensure quality health care to the patients by connecting them to better resources. Moreover, they should also follow protocols to keep the patients safe from diseases. The health sector should focus on patient engagement through encouraging communication between families and care providers in the patients’ health care journey.

           The health sector in the United States should ensure accessibility of health care by distributing health care resources. Government should mostly deploy the resources in areas where the people are economically disadvantaged to ensure that access to available services is easy. Improvement of efficiency in health care programs reduces wastage, hence saving the health care budget(


et al.,2019). On the other hand, the government can ensure enough funding to the health sector to ensure good treatment through the public health system. Moreover, the poor people should have accessibility to free treatments and insurance covers funded by the government.

           Research and innovation are essential in ensuring that public health care is more efficient. The installment of technology in the healthcare sector ensures that several processes are self-automated, saving time and less prone to human errors. Electronic medical records and big data analytics provide insights to stakeholders and the government to provide mechanisms and improve how to deal with epidemics(Farley et al.,2020). The government should also ensure that its effective devices mechanisms for monitoring the effectiveness of doctors to eliminate fake and quack doctors from operating.

           Health equity ensures that every individual has a chance to access quality health care without discrimination. The government should ensure that health equity is provided by including different ethnic communities and racial groups in health seminars and courses. Moreover, better and quality education can attain equity through better education and treatment access to individuals affected by certain conditions or diseases (Wood et al., 2019).Stakeholders and policymakers could eliminate barriers to care such as lack of access to quality education and inadequate housing through health equity programs.


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