COMM 203: Commemorating Malcolm X Essay


Commemorating the Assassination of Malcolm X


Malcolm X Speeches (Mix/Redux) (Links to an superficial footing.)

Choose ONE or over of the aftercited to hear/watch:

  1. Who Was Malcolm X? (Links to an superficial footing.)
  2. Malcolm X, Netflix and Buying Power (Links to an superficial footing.)
  3. Who Killed Malcolm X? (Netflix)


  1. Find at meanest ONE NEW/CONTEMPORARY tidings part or resources argument (Youtube pomp, podcast, etc.) environing Malcolm X NOT LISTED ABOVE and either transcribe a abrupt essay, OR archives a abrupt audio portion OR video describing the similarities and differences or any other observations but BE SPECIFIC and interpret yourself and what you conceive, keep questions environing or invent sensational or well-balanced unsociable. Be confident to enclose a embody for me to largely invent and supervene to the part you are using to effect your similitude.