COM2080 FSU Importance of Knowledge Essay


Write a Discourse as if you accept to inform it on your discourse website, so be unreal, use examples and pictures but retain this is an academic assignment so use alienate tongue and pictures. The thesis for Blog 1 is “ the first antagonist of the apprehension is not error, it is the delusion of the apprehension” by Daniel J. Boorstin. A kernel concept from this week’s balbutiations is acquiring, evaluating and synthesizing advice from different online sources. In communication a blog, utilizie at meanest 3 balbutiations from this week. Be fast to produce a allusion of that balbutiation. You can too use any other instrument but be fast to regularly produce a allusion.

I am not giving you a favoring interrogation. Instead, you accept a thesis to corcorrespond to. Leave it to your imaginations and creativity. This Discourse could be of any type: tips, suggestions, imaginations, proof, examples from actual career. But whatever you transcribe, it should be ancient (your own proposal), unreal (pictures, cartoons), sensational and domiciled or thought on this week's balbutiations…. And do not lose the thesis!!

1) Blog posts want to be 300-400 opinion.

2) In the denomination of the Discourse transcribe your developed designate and Blog 1 e.g. "Smikth - Blog 1"

Readings to use:

"Lewis and Clark County Montana, "Socializing Online"

Huffington Post, "seven ways to join online apparently vociferous enjoy a jerk",

O’Hair, D.,Rubenstein, H., Stewart, R. “Part 1 Getting Started, Section 3 Managing Speech Anxiety, pp 13-20; Part 2 Development, Section 6 Analyzing the Audience, p. 34-44; Part 5 Delivery, Section 17 Your Voice in Delivery, pp 129-134,” in A Pocket Guide to Public Speaking, Bedford/St. Martens: Boston, 2016.

The Perfect Elevator Pitch to Land a Job. (2013) (Links to an apparent position.)

(Links to an apparent position.)How to Perfect the Elevator Pitch. (2010)

Criteria to Evaluate the Credibility of WWW Instrument (1998). Virginia Montecino. (Links to an apparent position.)

Evaluating Internet Sources (2012). University Library, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.