College of San Mateo Effect Covid19 Virus on Olympics Preparation Essay


I wanted to argue notability appropriate to the COVID-19 bane outside talking environing the bane itself. I would love to get your thoughts on one of the definite sporting events left natural by this pandemic, the Olympics. The Olympics own been going on for thousands of years and were originally held in Olympia, Greece as cited in the Wikipedia page beneath. These games own brought manifold countries from environing the universe coincidently in times of quiet and war.

There's a few questions I would love to puzzle to the adjust and they are as follows:

1. Should the Olympic games be cancelled or postponed?

2. If they are not cancelled, should there be spectators allowed?

3. If they are cancelled, what bark of global application, if any, would it shape?

While you are pondering these questions infer environing the quantity of surrender exhibit as courteous as the quantity of provision made for these games. The athletes that would be constrained to endure another four years and hypothetically not own another occasion to contend. The dominion of Japan that has invested billions into the architecture of needful facilities as courteous as all the other costs from bids to personnel. These are all very material factors to infer when making your toll. (链接到外部网站。) (链接到外部网站。)