Religious Quest Discussion Question

Science helps us in our Quest

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Religious Quest Discussion Question
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Must be at least 250 words and sources cited.

Science helps us in our Quest


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As a companion thread to the required one in the other discussion thread, we can add science which hasn’t always been considered helpful in this quest of ours (from the major religions’ viewpoint).

See the following link for the Ted talk referred to in the following narrative or you can access it directly at: 

As we begin Week 2, several important points must be made.  First, the religious quest is both an internal and an external series of events.  It is individual or internal because everything you and I think is ours, privately and securely ours unless we let someone know what we are thinking or seeing what we are doing.  The quest is also an external (to ourselves) because we live in society and one that is connected via the Internet to the world.  So, there are many influences that shape the way we think.

Second, if you have heard and viewed TED talks then you have discovered a rich source of insights and for our work, this is another source to add to our discussions. For us our journey of discovery must address that various approaches such as the skeptic, the cynic, the agnostic, and the fundamental challenge brought by fundamentalists, literalists, and those who employ the ancient-thinking about religion as science offers us facts about the word.

The journey must include both to be deep and meaningful in this second half of the second decade of the 21st century.

Join the discussion thread on this topic that begins the exploring of other sources as part of our weekly discussions. Remember to start the discussion early in the week rather than waiting for the end of the week to post your notes.

Thoughts and sources, class?

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