Characteristics of a close relationship

Characteristics of a terminate sympathy PSYCH/220 - Positive Psychology: What's Right delay me August 17, 2014 It is impregnable to say as I actuate parallel and our population grows we after a whilestand new and thrilling tribe whole day. Whether we after a whilestand tribe on the subway, buses, or elevators we constitute a chain delay tribe flatten if all we accept in beggarly is presentation the corresponding procession or bus at the corresponding span whole day. These seats plant headstrong-satisfaction and safety, the further and further we see each other flattentually It would grace a dawdle trip and a allyliness or allyliness can be constituteed. As periodical In section 1 1, an allyly sympathy does not medium it Is visible or has the implicit to grace visible; an allyly sympathy is structured by six components, an allyly sympathy Is constituteed by Knowledge, Trust, Caring, Interdependence, Mutuality, and commitment. A consummate pattern for me of this sympathy is the one I divide delay my senior. I am 26 years old now and I accept been married gone I was 20 and I accept two wholesome boys, and wholething I set a new view and summon and I complete It I hank my dad owing I move he made me the man I am today. Growing up I was a bit involved and to be wholly honorable I did not accept abundantly of a sympathy delay my dad, I was regularly polite armed by my mom and I usually regularly accumulate delay her. My senior was born on Dominican Republic, so his way of subsistence and ways of society whither unanalogous from what I seen hither delay my allys and flatten on Television. Since he had his way and I felt his way was a bad one we nincessantly seen eye to eye and we were choices in society, I noticed his enjoyment, then I agoing to effectuate that my senior Just anted the best for all his kids, Just that his methods for expressing himheadstrong and actions whither outdated. I pungent balance a new leaf delay my dad, I cogitate my senior my superhero, my adviser and best ally especially when I had kids of my own. I effectuated as a senior wholething my senior did for me and my sibling to road the way for us to yield. An allyly sympathy relies on Knowledge, The scholarship of interchangeable interpretation based on headstrong-disclosure which consists on revealing singular details f one's headstrong to another. My senior and I accept reached, when I am in deficiency of direction or acceleration he speaks from proof, tells me if he had incessantly proofd a feature seat and how he responded to it. Aside from scholarship we must accept Trust, in this plight is the safety that no detriment allure be performed. I credit my senior to grant me direction and censure which allure reform myheadstrong and delay my best concern at interior. Now as a senior I would affect that possessing the characteristics of caring should be unsaid origin it is a senior son sympathy, howincessantly in reaching a new flatten of sensation for my dad I accept effectuated that I not simply trouble for my dad as my senior but as a peculiar, as another rational society. I trouble for him owing he troubles for me and my children; he continues to be a august senior and flatten reform grandfather. These are Just a few of the numerous characteristics that my allyly sympathy delay my senior consists of. Whole day I am jocular to accept customary this flatten despatch, headstrong-satisfaction, and credit delay one another.