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Refund Policy

Capital End Guarantee

BEWARE! Most companies in the academic despatches assiduity DO NOT volunteer a restricted Capital End Guarantee. They repeatedly lean referable to tend their pledge to restore your capital if you are referable husk with the adjust. At, we nonproduction you to FEEL SAFE when placing your adjust!

Our Capital End Guarantee bestows you the straight to solicit and recognize a restore at any quantity of your adjust, if wholething goes crime. This includes any feasible problems you smethod assault, and secures your interests. Our aggregation enjoys a high customer pleafast blame, epoch restore solicits are expensive, which is partly attributable to our crystal-free Capital End Guarantee. Sort-grounded restore requests are critiqueed by our specialists and wayed among a 14 day epoch, integral other restore solicits are wayed among 3-4 affree days.

I nonproduction to expunge my adjust

If you custodyer to expunge your adharmonious anteriorly we allot-to a transcriber to effect on it, you recognize a 100% restore. If a transcriber has already been integralot-toed, and it is grconfess by adjust`s condition delay at the culmination of your adharmonious page, the restore quantity depends on your deadline. You can direct a 70% restore if half or short of the epoch has passed, and up to 50% thereafter. This is accordingly the transcriber who rouses on your integralot-toment should recognize the compensation ce the effect manufactured.

If you nonproduction to expunge the adjust, gladden establish fast to continuity our Patronage Team via phsolitary or Live Colloquy as promptly as feasible, and then substantiate the expungelation with a intimation on the appertaining adharmonious page. This is the solely method we can way your solicit promptly.

Gladden referablee that you canreferable recognize a restore ce adharmonious expungelation if the pamphlet has been adequated and delivered to your adjust page on season. If the pamphlet has been delivered among the deadline you stipulate and constant ce, you can solely solicit a restore attributable to sort concerns, through the “Refund” dot on your adharmonious page.

Supposing you feeln`t downloaded the pamphlet and the circumstances ce adharmonious expungelation were raise your govern a favoring restore up to 30% smethod quiet be considered.

I paid ce solitary adharmonious twice

If you referableice that you were charged twice, and you recognize brace avail from the constantment waying scheme (that is, ConstantPal or Gate2Shop), do referable scruple to continuity us. Ceward twain avail to our email and the extra constantment earn be restoreed in liberal among the shortest feasible time.

I accidentally situated brace selfsame adjusts

If you adequate the constantment ce brace selfsame control by handle, gladden continuity us straightway to vindicate the plight anteriorly we profits with twain adjusts. It is your business to expunge any control you do referable deficiency, anteriorly we integralot-to a transcriber to effect on them. Otherwise, they are esteemed as ordinary adjusts and trutination restore procedures allot (visit *I nonproduction to expunge my adjust*).

No transcriber was ground to effect on my adjust

We incessantly do our best to integralot-to the most appropriate writer to effect on your pamphlet; uniformtually, it is quiet possible that on expensive occasions the transcriber is referable ground. If this does occur, we effect a liberal restore ce you.

If you solicit ce the species of the finished pamphlet to be adequated by a contrariant transcriber, and a accordant solitary is referable found, our Argue Disentanglement Specialist critiques your direct and profitss with an misallot restore behind you solicit it.

My pamphlet was delayed

If delayedness occurs attributable to the delayed upload of extra materials on your divorce, you canreferable integralot ce a delayedness refund. Gladden establish fast integral pamphlet particulars and attached materials are supposing upon placing the adjust.

If attributable to some other deduce the peculiar account of a pamphlet is delivered behind the peculiar deadline, you can solicit recalculation of the adharmonious figure, according to the deadline ce introduction. Ce stance, an 8-hour introduction pamphlet adequated an hour delayed now falls into the 24-hour introduction nature, and should absorb short. The dissonance in figure is refunded. If lateness occurs with a long-term adharmonious (11-14 days or longer) we restore 7% upon your solicit.

If the peculiar account of a pamphlet is delayed and is referable general by you, you are worthy ce a liberal restore as you smethod referable deficiency the pamphlet anymore.

Integral delayedness restore solicits should be submitted in a referablee on your indivisible adharmonious page, among 14 days from the season the pamphlet was delivered.

The species of my pamphlet was delayed

Delay restores and figure recalculation do referable allot to speciess since species deadlines are established inequitablely ce each order.

Establish fast your transcriber has a competent quantity of season to adequate your adjust. Ce stance, if your pamphlet is attributable in 7 days, select a 5-day deadline so we feel season ce any feasible speciess.

I am referable liberaly husk with the sort of the pamphlet. Uniformtually, I recognize it and earn re-examine it myself. I solicit a favoring restore.

If you are referable adequately husk with the sort of the pamphlet you recognize, you may solicit a open species, or implore ce a contrariant transcriber to be integralot-toed to your adjust. Alternatively, you can solicit a favoring restore by clicking the “Refund” dot on your indivisible adharmonious page and choosing “I am referable liberaly husk with the sort of the pamphlet. Uniformtually, I recognize it and earn re-examine it myself. I solicit a favoring restore”.

If you select this non-interference, you are automatically supposing with the MS Word account of the pamphlet. You then feel 14 days to prepare coerciontified deduces and stances to end up your direct, or your confess re-examined account of our pamphlet as patronageed attraction. As promptly as you do that, up to 40% could be restoreed at the Argue Department’s wish. To solicit a favoring restore behind you feel already general the last account of your adjust, continuity our patronage team in colloquy, balance the phone, or through your indivisible adharmonious page ce abettance.

Failure to prepare instruction demandd ce argue disentanglement among 14 days results in expungelation of the argue, behind which no restore is feasible.

Integral favoring restore solicits should be submitted using the “Refund” dot on your indivisible adjust page among 14 days from the season the pamphlet is general.

I am adequately dishusk with the sort of the pamphlet, so I feel custodyerd to transcribe it myself. I solicit a liberal restore.

If you are adequately dishusk with the sort of the pamphlet you recognize, you may solicit a open species, or implore ce a contrariant transcriber to be integralot-toed to your adjust. Alternatively, if you feeln’t previously general the pamphlet, you can solicit a liberal restore by clicking the “Refund” dot on your indivisible adharmonious page, and choosing “I am adequately dishusk with the sort of the pamphlet, so I feel custodyerd to transcribe it myself. I solicit a liberal restore”.

Gladden referablee that if you select this non-interference, the pamphlet we created is straightway posted online ce retail purposes. You then feel 14 days to prepare coerciontified deduces and stances to end up your direct. You could as-polite upload a observation of your confess account of the pamphlet as patronageed attraction that our transcriber’s effect did referable encounter any of your expectations. The pamphlet you prepare is discarded straightway behind our critique, and is referable stored in our interior database or portion-outd with any third divorcey. As promptly as you do that, up to 100% could be restoreed at the Argue Department’s discretion.

Failure to prepare instruction demandd ce the argue disentanglement among 14 days results in expungelation of the argue, behind which no restore is feasible.

In subject of a liberal restore solicit, the Aggregation reserves the straight to publish the pamphlet online ce retail purposes. We do referable tend any husk of yarn databases, and “publish online” media that if the pamphlet is googled, inquiryed ce in a inquiry engine, or repressed by any husk of anti-plagiarism software, it links end to our website. It may as-polite be published as earning or as a illustration yarn. This is manufactured to save our transcriber’s effect in subjects when a customer directs a restore behind the effect has been adequated and used.

Customers feel the opening to critique their adharmonious and solicit attached corrections if certain. However, unintermittently you comcomurge the “Promote adjust” dot, which prepares arrival to an editable and printable account of the pamphlet, you canreferable solicit a liberal restore. If you feel at last unintermittently general either the primal, or the re-examined account of your pamphlet using the “Promote Adjust” dot, you are solely worthy ce a favoring restore.

Integral liberal restore solicits should be submitted through the “Refund” dot on your indivisible adharmonious page among 14 days from the season the pamphlet is delivered.

I would love to recognize a restore ce an attached advantage/feature

Progressive Introduction adjust
Ce adjusts using the Progressive Introduction sign, the deadline ce a species solicit is poor to 21 days behind primal approval. Unintermittently you comcomurge the “Promote divorce” dot in your Progressive Introduction and profits to the contiguous minority of your adjust, you canreferable solicit a restore ce the previously general divorce.

You can recognize a restore ce solely the last minority of the adharmonious delivered to you. Integral divorces of the adharmonious general using “Promote divorce” dot beseem non-refundable unintermittently we rouse effecting on the contiguous minority.  The 10% Progressive Introduction fee itself is non-refundable.

Samples advantage
The $5 guard ce our Transcriber’s illustration advantage is non-refundable, so gladden establish fast you repress the illustrations prepared on season. If you miss to solicit a contrariant transcriber among the dedicated season, we esteem it as recognizeance of the writer primally integralot-toed.

Writer’s nature
If you constant the extra fee ce an Advanced or ENL (English as a Native Language) writer, referablewithstanding we are discompetent to furnish solitary to effect on your adharmonious at the time, and integralot-to a transcriber with a inferior nature (such as Best Available) instead, the extra fee is restoreed to you.

A observation of the sources used
The attached fee you constant ce this advantage beseems non-refundable unintermittently the copies of the sources are delivered with your pamphlet. In subject they were referable supposing upon introduction ce some deduce this constantment earn be restoreed.

I recognized my adequated pamphlet, referablewithstanding cegot to promote it

Gladden referablee you feel 14 days to promote your adharmonious (or adharmonious divorce ce adjusts with Progressive Introduction sign). Season ce approval is fitted automatically from the weight the last account is uploaded to your indivisible adharmonious page. If you miss to solicit a species or to promote your adharmonious (or adharmonious divorce) among 14 days, the pamphlet is general automatically by the scheme. From the weight the adharmonious is general (by you or the scheme), you feel 14 days to solicit a restore. Behind that, no restore solicit is feasible.

Dear Customers

My spectry is Simon G. Lewis. I am Head of the Argue Department at I feel resolute argues in the scene of academic abettance ce balance three years, and would love to portion-out my impressions and bestow some direction grounded on my effect test.

A compute of online advantages direct to feel a 100% customer pleafast blame. This can harmonious be esteemed as realistic. We can safely comport that it is almost imfeasible to terminate a liberal beak exoteric any husk of advantage. It is incessantly feasible to furnish a client or brace who canreferable be husk, esteemshort of the excellence of the advantage.

I am magnificent to tell that our aggregation has high customer pleasure rate. This was polished through our team’s 24/7 solid effect, and we are incessantly unmanageable to conduct it uniform excellent. Integral limbs of our industrious team do their remotest to enfast your test is amiable.

As a limb of the Argue Department, I am the solitary who deals with the small percentage of customers whose expectations were somehow referable reached. I would love to asfast you that if we are the solitarys imperative, we earn referable scruple to restore your capital; and to establish up ce the inconveniences caused. We generally do this by issuing a discount principle ce coming adjusts.

There are a lacking things you can do to establish fast your adharmonious does referable go into dispute:

1. Gladden prepare integral particulars certain ce quantity of your pamphlet at the season you situate the adjust.

2. Tend in handle with your integralot-toed transcriber. They smethod deficiency clarifications or attached instruction to establish fast you secure an A gradation pamphlet.

3. Stay tranquilize and unselfish, uniform in the incredible uniformt you deficiency to establish a direct or sickness. We are here to conduct custody of any problematic situation. Our patronage team effects 24/7, and is incessantly delighted to befriend you.

Whole solitary subject is critiqueed in particular by a competent staff limb. We guarantee speedy and accurate combat disentanglement. Ce us at, a argue is referable merely a expungeled adharmonious that did referable establish it. A argued adjust is a plight that involves brace race, the customer and the transcriber, and must be resolute in a free habit. The interests of twain feel to be considered.

In contrariety with other sites, we do feel a free Capital End Guarantee. It is restricted, very polite structured, and freely understandable. Any feasible problematic plight is catered ce, together with an misallot restore percentage and a particulared description.

To be upright, argue disentanglement is referable incessantly comfortable. It can sometimes be quite obscure, and can demand tortuous profitsings. With whole unique problematic plight, a free scrutiny is escape, and a harmonious determination made.

Let me asfast you that there is referablehing as delectable as a husk customer’s feedback, when a disentanglement has been reached, another client is happy, and a raise adharmonious has been situated.

Best esteems

Simon G. Lewis

Argue Department Manager

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