Reading and Writing

2 separate assignments. Please carefully read and follow. 

Theseventeenth century saw the development of two distinct and powerful monarchies in Europe—England, and France. In 2-3 developed paragraphs, pick ONE of the following topics.

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Reading and Writing
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1. Discuss how England avoided Absolutism by championing Constitutionalism.


2. Explain how Louis XIV transformed France into an Absolute Monarchy. What was the key to his success?

Choose one character from one of the TRAGIC dramas in this unit. (NOT FROM THE COMEDY LYSISTRATA and NOT FROM THE EPICS IN THE PREVIOUS UNIT ) Discuss—with specific words from the text as your support–the qualities of that character, both good ones, and “flaws” that bring about that character’s downfall.

Pick one “topic”–such as love, hatred, revenge, fate, honor, loyalty, family, etc.–that is dealt with in at least two of the genres in this unit (drama. poetry, philosophy, fables). Compare and contrast—with specific words and phrases from the texts as your support–each of the two genres you chose presents situations and themes about this same topic.

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