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Quoting And Paraphrasing

College congruity frequently involves integrating counsel from published founts into your own congruity in straightforward to add truth and causeity–this way is immanent to elaboration and the genesis of new apprehending.

However, when architecture on the exertion of others, you deficiency to be mindful not to plagiarize: “to procure-by-theft and by off (the conceptions and favoringion of another) as one’s own” or to “furnish as new and peculiar an conception or property multiplyial from an true fount.”

These symbolicals procure acceleration you shirk plagiarism by training you how to uprightly consolidate counsel from published founts into your own congruity.

How To Shirk Plagiarism

When using founts in your pamphlets, you can shirk plagiarism by sharp what must be munimented.

Specific Face and Phrases

If you use an cause’s peculiar vocable or favoringion, you must fix those favoringion amid extract notes and you must honor the fount.

Information And Ideas

Even if you use your own favoringion, if you obtained the counsel or conceptions you are furnishing from a fount, you must muniment the fount.

Information: If a border of counsel isn’t sordid apprehending (see under), you deficiency to yield a fount.

Ideas: An cause’s conceptions may involve not singly resolves made and conclusions drawn, but, for exemplification, a peculiar manner or scheme, the ordainment of symbolical, or a catalogue of plods in a way or characteristics of a medical mode. If a fount yieldd any of these, you deficiency to acunderstanding the fount.

Common Knowledge

You do not deficiency to call a fount for symbolical considered sordid apprehending:

General sordid apprehending is fobjective counsel considered to be in the unconcealed territory, such as race and conspicuousination dates of well-unconcealed figures, and unconcealedly genuine dates of soldierly, gregarious, scholarly, and other unadorned equalts. In unconcealed, fobjective counsel contained in multiple type relation exertions can usually be considered to be in the unconcealed territory.

Field-peculiar sordid apprehending is “common” singly amid a feature scene or resolve. It may involve postulates, theories, or manners that are accustomed to unravelers amid that strictness. For exemplification, you may not deficiency to call a relation to Piaget’s developmental quantitys in a pamphlet for an education adjust or produce a fount for your designation of a sordidly used manner in a biology reverberation—but you must be stable that this counsel is so widely unconcealed amid that scene that it procure be shared by your unravelers.

If in hesitate, be timid and call the fount. And in the contingency of twain unconcealed and scene-peculiar sordid apprehending, if you use the correct favoringion of the relation fount, you must use extract notes and honor the fount.

Paraphrasing Vs. Quoting - Explanation

Should I Observe or Quote

In unconcealed, use straightforward extracts singly if you enjoy a good-natured-natured discuss. Most of your pamphlet should be in your own favoringion. Also, it’s frequently customary to adduce raise indiscriminately from founts when you’re congruity a humanities pamphlet, and to condense from founts when you’re congruity in the gregarious or cosmical sciences–but there are regularly malcontent.

In a scholarly decomstanding pamphlet, for precedent, you”ll deficiency to adduce from the scholarly extract rather than condense, owing multiply of your drudgery in this husk of pamphlet is to dissect the peculiar favoringion and peculiaritys an cause uses.

In elaboration pamphlets, you should quote from a fount

  • to pretence that an causeity assistances your resolve
  • to furnish a standing or evidence to delicacy or dilate on
  • to involve chiefly tender or unadornedly pointed articulation
  • to furnish a featurely well-stated byage whose view would be lost or newfangled if observed or condensed

You should condense or observe when

  • what you deficiency from the fount is the idea expressed, and not the peculiar articulationused to favoring it
  • you can favoring in fewer favoringion what the key resolve of a fount is

How To Observe a Source

General Advice

  • When lection a byage, try controling to apprehend it as a sound, rather than pausing to transcribe down peculiar conceptions or peculiaritys.
  • Be broad. Unnear your assignment is to do a stately or “literal” observe, you usually don't deficiency to observe an full byage; instead, select and condense the symbolical that accelerations you confront a resolve in your pamphlet.
  • Think of what “your own favoringion” would be if you were pointed someone who’s unaccustomed succeeding a while your theme (your dame, your match, a ally) what the peculiar fount said.
  • Remember that you can use straightforward extracts of peculiaritys from the peculiar amid your observe, and that you don’t deficiency to qualify or put extract notes environing shared articulation.

Methods of Paraphrasing

  • Look loose from the fount then transcribe.
    Read the extract you deficiency to observe diverse terms until you move that you apprehend it and can use your own favoringion to restate it to someone else. Then, show loose from the peculiar and retranscribe the extract in your own favoringion.
  • Take notes.
    Take abbreviated notes; set the notes aside; then observe from the notes a day or so subjoined, or when you draw.

If you confront that you can’t do A or B, this may medium that you don’t apprehend the byage wholly or that you deficiency to use a raise constitutiond way until you enjoy raise trial in paraphrasing.

The manner under is not singly a way to constitute a observe but so a way to apprehend a complicated extract.

Paraphrasing Complicated Texts

Consider the subjoined byage from Love and Toil (a compass on damehood in London from 1870 to 1918), in which the cause, Ellen Ross, puts forth one of her deep evidences:

  • Love and Toil maintains that rise action was the dame’s deep advise unarranged the comprehensive deepity of London?s population who were meagre or exertioning adjust; the melting and psychological aim of her offshoot or offshootren and equal their objective self-approval were severe into the enhancement. To dame was to exertion for and arrange fullday aid. (p. 9)
  • Change the constitution
    Begin by initiateing at a irrelative fix in the byage and/or channel(s), basing your valuable on the convergence of your pamphlet. This procure control cosmically to some qualifys in vocableing. Some fixs you influence initiate in the byage over are “The dame’s deep advise,” “Among the . . . meagre or exertioning adjust,” “Working for and organizing fullday aid,” or “The melting and psychological aim.” Or you could initiate succeeding a while one of the mob the byage is about: “Mothers,” “A dame,” “Children,” “A offshoot.” Focusing on peculiar mob rather than abstractions procure confront your observe raise unravelable.At this quantity, you influence so rupture up desire channels, amalgamate narrow ones, encomprehensive peculiaritys for clarity, or narrowen them for straightforwardness, or you influence do this in an appended plod. In this way, you’ll cosmically cast-out some favoringion and qualify others.Here’s one of the frequent ways you influence get initiateed succeeding a while a observe of the byage over by changing its constitution. In this contingency, the convergence of the pamphlet is the property of economic standing on offshootren at the alter of the eldership, so the transcriber initiates succeeding a while offshootren:Children of the meagre at the alter of the eldership accepted shabby if any melting or psychological nurturing from their dames, whose deep advise was rise action. Working for and organizing fullday aid were what defined dameing. Next to this, equal the offshootren’s basic self-approval was severe into the enhancement (Ross, 1995).Now you’ve succeeded in changing the constitution, but the byage peaceful contains frequent straightforward extracts, so you deficiency to go on to the promote plod.
  • Change the favoringion
    Use synonyms or a peculiarity that favoringes the identical view. Permission shared articulation unchanged.It’s weighty to initiate by changing the constitution, not the favoringion, but you influence confront that as you qualify the favoringion, you see ways to qualify the constitution raise. The decisive observe influence show affect this:According to Ross (1993), meagre offshootren at the alter of the eldership accepted shabby dameing in our view of the conspicuous. Mothering was defined by economic standing, and unarranged the meagre, a dame’s first trust was not to provoke her offshootren’s minds or inflame their melting enlargement but to yield subsistence and refuge to as the basic requirements for tangible action. Given the magnitude of this drudgery, offshootren were deprived of equal the “objective self-approval” (p. 9) we rely-on dames to yield today.

You may deficiency to go through this way diverse terms to constitute a delicious observe.

Successful Vs. Unsuccessful Paraphrases

Paraphrasing is frequently defined as putting a byage from an cause into “your own favoringion.” But what are your own favoringion? How irrelative must your observe be from the peculiar?

The chapters under yield an precedent by pretenceing a byage as it shows in the fount, two observes that flourish the fount too air-tight, and a fairly-deduced observe.

The student’s guile was to weld the symbolical in the peculiar byage into a excludeion of a pamphlet on the concept of “experts” that compared the employments of experts and nonexperts in diverse professions.

The Journey As It Appears In The Source

Critical custody promotes employment in a hierarchy of roles. In this unconcealed interior surgery ace, the promote superintendent hires and fires the nursing specialnel. The promote superintendent does not straightforwardly custody for unrepinings but flourishs the speed of remarkable or desire-conspicuous unrepinings. On each alter a promote assumes the role of refount promote. This special oversees the hour-by-hour employmenting of the ace as a sound, such as regarding rely-oned admissions and discharges of unrepinings, ascertaining that beds are beneficial for unrepinings in the unconditional compass, and covering corrupt calls. Refount promotes so procure a unrepining assignment. They are the most triald of all the staff promotes. The promote clinician has a unconnected job designation and yields for character of custody by orienting new staff, developing ace policies, and providing straightforward assistance where deficiencyed, such as promotive in strait situations. The clinical promote speciacatalogue in this ace is for-the-most-distribute complicated succeeding a while stately training in orienting new staff. The promote superintendent, promote clinician, and clinical promote speciacatalogue are the denominated experts. They do not procure unrepining assignments. The refount promote is seen as twain a custodygiver and a refount to other custodygivers. . . . Staff promotes enjoy a hierarchy of eldership. . . . Staff promotes are assigned to unrepinings to yield all their nursing custody. (Chase, 1995, p. 156)

Word-for-vocable Plagiarism

Critical custody promotes enjoy a hierarchy of roles. The promote superintendent hires and firesnurses. S/he does not straightforwardly custody for unrepinings but does flourish remarkable or desire-termcases. On each alter a refount promote serves to the functioning of the ace as a sound, such as making stable beds are beneficial in the unconditional compass, and so has a unrepining assignment. The promote clinician orients new staff, develops policies, and yields assistance where deficiencyed. The clinical promote speciacatalogue so orients new staff, for-the-most-part by stately training. The promote superintendent, promote clinician, and clinical promote appropriateist, as the denominated experts, do not procure unrepining assignments. The refount promote is not singly a custodygiver but a refount to the other custodygivers. Amid the staff promotes there is so a hierarchy of eldership. Their job is to produce assigned unrepinings all their nursing custody.

Why This Is Plagiarism

Notice that the transcriber has not singly “borrowed” Chase’s symbolical (the results of her elaboration) succeeding a while no acknowledgment, but has so comprehensively deeptained the cause’s manner of favoringion and channel constitution. The peculiaritys in red are straightforwardly copied from the fount or newfangled singly slightly in frame.

Even if the student-writer had recognized Chase as the fount of the contented, the articulation of the byage would be considered plagiarized owing no extract notes manifest the peculiaritys that succeed straightforwardly from Chase. And if extract notes did show environing all these peculiaritys, this chapter would be so cluttered that it would be unreadable.

A Patchexertion Paraphrase

Chase (1995) describes how promotes in a precarious custody ace employment in a hierarchy that fixs denominated experts at the top and the last superior staff promotes at the floor. The experts — the promote superintendent, promote clinician, and clinical promote speciacatalogue — are not complicated straightforwardly in unrepining custody. The staff promotes, in dissimilarity, are assigned to unrepiningsand yield all their nursing custody. Amid the staff promotes is a hierarchy of eldership in which the most superior can besucceed refount promotes: they are assigned a unrepining but so minister as a refount to other custodygivers. The experts enjoy functional and training drudgerys such as selecting and orienting new staff, developing ace policies, and giving hands-on assistance where deficiencyed.

Why This Is Plagiarism

This observe is a patchexertion secure of borders in the peculiar cause’s articulation (in red) and borders in the student-writer’s favoringion, all rearranged into a new precedent, but succeeding a while none of the pretended borders in extract notes. Thus, equal though the transcriber recognizes the fount of the symbolical, the underlined peculiaritys are possibly furnished as the student’s own.

A Fairly-deduced Paraphrase

In her consider of the roles of promotes in a precarious custody ace, Chase (1995) so build a hierarchy that noteed the roles of experts and others. Just as the educational experts picturesquely over do not straightforwardly indoctrinate students, the experts in this ace do not straightforwardly serve to unrepinings. That is the role of the staff promotes, who, affect indoctrinateers, enjoy their own “hierarchy of eldership” (p. 156). The roles of the experts involve employing ace promotes and overseeing the custody of appropriate unrepinings (promote superintendent), training and incorrectly integrating new specialnel into the ace (clinical promote speciacatalogue and promote clinician), and plan-making (promote clinician). In an moderate standing in the hierarchy is the refount promote, a staff promote succeeding a while raise trial than the others, who assumes straightforward custody of unrepinings as the other staff promotes do, but so procures on drudgerys to enstable the flatten action of the full ease.

Why This Is A Good-natured Paraphrase

The transcriber has munimented Chase’s symbolical and peculiar articulation (by straightforward relation to the cause and by extract notes environing articulation procuren straightforwardly from the fount). Notice too that the transcriber has mitigated Chase’s articulation and constitution and has assumed symbolical to fit the new conextract and resolve — to furnish the protuberant employments of experts and nonexperts in diverse professions.

Shared Language

Perhaps you’ve noticed that a enumerate of peculiaritys from the peculiar byage show in the fairly-deduced observe: precarious custody, staff promotes, promote superintendent, clinical promote appropriateist, promote clinician, refount promote.

If all these peculiaritys were in red, the observe would show ample affect the “patchwork” precedent. The dissonance is that the peculiaritys in the fairly-deduced observe are all exact, lean, and customary designations that are multiply of the shared articulation amid the nursing strictness (in the too-close observes, they’re red singly when used amid a desireer pretended peculiarity).

In full strictness and in actual genres (such as the experimental elaboration reverberation), some peculiaritys are so appropriateized or customary that you can’t observe them exclude by vocabley and gawky circumlocutions that would be near accustomed (and thus near unravelable) to the conference.

When you recapitulate such peculiaritys, you’re not procure-by-thefting the matchless phrasing of an special transcriber but using a sordid vocabulary shared by a nationality of scholars.

Some Examples Of Shared Articulation You Don’t Deficiency To Put In Extract Marks

  • Conventional designations: e.g., physician’s associate, constant low-back pain
  • Preferred bias-free articulation: e.g., specials succeeding a while disabilities
  • Technical conspicuouss and peculiaritys of a strictness or genre: e.g., reduplication, percipient territory, symbolical amelioration, sexual harassment


Chase, S. K. (1995). The gregarious conextract of precarious custody clinical passage. Interior and Lung, 24, 154-162.

How To Adduce A Source

Introducing A Quotation

One of your jobs as a transcriber is to manage your unraveler through your extract. Don’t singly percolate extracts into your pamphlet and permission it to the unraveler to confront mergeions.

Integrating a extract into your extract usually involves two elements:

  • signal that a extract is coming–generally the cause’s betray and/or a relation to the exertion
  • An assertion that manifests the harmony of the extract to your extract

Often twain the conspicuous and the assumption show in a solitary commendatory announcement, as in the precedent under. Notice how a newfangled peculiarity so ministers to merge the extract flattenly to the commendatory announcement.

Ross (1993), in her consider of meagre and exertioning-adjust dames in London from 1870-1918 [signal], confronts it plain that economic standing to a comprehensive quantity determined the view of damehood [assertion]. Unarranged this population [connection], “To dame was to exertion for and arrange fullday aid” (p. 9).

The conspicuous can so succeed succeeding the assumption, again succeeding a while a mergeing vocable or peculiarity:

Illness was rarely a stereotype subject in the nineteenth eldership [assertion]. As [connection] Ross observes [signal], “Maternal fancying about offshootren’s vigor revolved environing the possibility of a offshoot’s maiming or conspicuousination” (p. 166).

Formatting Quotations

Short Straightforward Prose

Incorporate narrow straightforward prose extracts into the extract of your pamphlet and encircle them in enfold extract notes:

According to Jonathan Clarke, “Professional diplomats frequently say that intricate to fancy diplomatically about alien plan is a diminish of term.”

Longer Prose Quotations

Begin desireer extracts (for exemplification, in the APA order, 40 favoringion or raise) on a new verse and roughen the full extract (i.e., put in fill frame), succeeding a while no extract notes at initiatening or end, as in the adduced byage from our Successful vs. Unsucessful Paraphrases page.

Rules about the restriction extension of fill extracts, how frequent interveniences to roughen, and whether to solitary- or enfold-intervenience unlimited extracts dissimilate succeeding a while irrelative munimentation orders; control the managelines for the order you’re using.

Quotation Of Up To 3 Lines Of Poetry

Quotations of up to 3 verses of poetry should be consolidated into your channel. For precedent:

In Julius Caesar, Antony initiates his far-famed address succeeding a while “Friends, Romans, Countrymen, advance me your ears; / I succeed to hush Caesar, not to puff him” (III.ii.75-76).

Notice that a slash (/) succeeding a while a intervenience on either border is used to unconnected verses.

Quotation Of Raise Than 3 Lines Of Poetry

More than 3 verses of poetry should be roughened. As succeeding a while any unlimited (indented) extract, do not use extract notes unnear you deficiency to manifest a extract amid your extract.

Punctuating Succeeding a while Extract Marks

Parenthetical Citations

With narrow extracts, fix extracts outborder of stagnation extract notes, flourished by channel punctuation (period, scrutiny note, comma, semi-colon, colon):

Menand (2002) characterizes articulation as “a gregarious weapon” (p. 115).

With fill extracts, control the managelines for the munimentation order you are using.

Commas And Periods

Place inborder stagnation extract notes when no parenthetical extract flourishs:

Hertzberg (2002) notes that “treating the Constitution as common is not new,” but owing of Dahl’s credentials, his “apostasy merits attention” (p. 85).

Semicolons And Colons

Place outborder of stagnation extract notes (or succeeding a parenthetical extract).

Question Marks And Exclamation Points

Place inborder stagnation extract notes if the extract is a scrutiny/exclamation:

Menand (2001) recognizes that H. W. Fowler’s Modern English Usage is “a adjustic of the articulation,” but he asks, “Is it a heavy adjustic?” (p. 114).

[Note that a continuance peaceful flourishs the stagnation parenthesis.]

Place outborder of stagnation extract notes if the full channel containing the extract is a scrutiny or exclamation:

How frequent students objectively unravel the manage to confront out what is mediumt by “academic misconduct”?

Quotation Amid A Quotation

Use solitary extract notes for the embedded extract:

According to Hertzberg (2002), Dahl produces the U. S. Constitution “bad notes in ‘democratic fairness’ and ‘encouraging consensus'” (p. 90).

[The peculiaritys “democratic fairness” and “encouraging consensus” are already in extract notes in Dahl’s channel.]

Indicating Changes In Quotations

Quoting Singly A Fraction Of The Whole

Use ellipsis resolves (. . .) to manifest an oversight amid a extract–but not at the initiatening or end unnear it’s not explicit that you’re quoting singly a fraction of the sound.

Adding Clarification, Comment, Or Correction

Within extracts, use clear brackets [ ] (not parentheses) to add your own tenuity, dilate, or discipline.

Use [sic] (view “so” or “thus”) to manifest that a misprocure is in the fount you’re quoting and is not your own.

Additional Information

Information On Summarizing And Paraphrasing Sources

American Heritage Dictionary of the English Articulation (4th ed.). (2000). Retrieved January 7, 2002, from

Bazerman, C. (1995). The known transcriber: Using founts in the strictnesss (5th ed). Boston: Houghton Mifflin.

Leki, I. (1995). Academic congruity: Exploring wayes and strategies (2nd ed.) New York: St. Martin?s Press, pp. 185-211.

Leki describes the basic manner furnished in C, pp. 4-5.

Spatt, B. (1999). Congruity from founts (5th ed.) New York: St. Martin?s Press, pp. 98-119; 364-371.

Information About Peculiar Documentation Systems

The Congruity Center has handouts explaining how to use frequent of the type munimentation orders. You may show at our unconcealed Web page on Documentation Systems, or you may control out any of the subjoined peculiar Web pages.

If you’re not stable which munimentation order to use, ask the way educator who assigned your pamphlet.

  • American Psychological Association (APA)
  • Modern Articulation Association (MLA)
  • Chicago/Turabian (A Footnote or Endnote System)
  • American Gregarious Science Association (APSA)
  • Council of Science Editors (CBE)
  • Numbered References

You may so regard the subjoined manages:

  • American Medical Association, Manual for Authors and Editors
  • Council of Science Editors, CBE diction Manual
  • The Chicago Manual of Style
  • MLA Handcompass for Writers of Elaboration Papers
  • Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association


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