Gender difference in korean speech

Models of language and gender have been proposed:

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  1. the deficit model “women are seen as disadvantaged speakers because of their early sex role socialization”
  2. the dominance model “women are seen as being in a powerless position in their interactions with men”
  3. the cultural difference model “the two different secs through childhood and adolescence from different conversation goals and styles”

Explain what words or speech forms were associated with each sex? Discuss the gender difference in descriptive words. which particular aspect of the social setting can you find for each gender? What can you reduce from this about the way Koreans may think or feel about the gender roles in society. Gender-related processes influence behavior,thoughts, and feelings in individuals; they affect interactions, when gender is regarded not as an attribute of individuals but a system of meanings, the processes by which difference are created and power is allocated can be understood by considering how gender is played out at three levels: societal, interpersonal, and individuals.

The main topic is the gender difference in Korean speech. The questions I listed above are just give a idea what you can talk about in this paper, and you don’t need to cover all of the question, just focus on some of them.


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