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Option #1: Formal Written Proposal on Reducing College Budget

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For the Portfolio Project, you are creating a proposal written in formal style and using at least 4-5 research sources to support your proposal. You are expected to cite those sources both in the text of your proposal and on the references page at the end. A number of assignments for this course are projects that build this one, so as you work through this course you will collect source material and ideas that relate to this project. You will use the information you locate to make a persuasive argument regarding a campaign of your design to the hypothetical college board of directors that supports, explains, and defends your campaign idea with solid facts and logical argument based on source evidence. You will create a campaign idea based on source material and create a proposal paper that works to persuade the board of directors at your hypothetical school to adopt your new budget.

Campaign topic: Propose a campaign to decrease the budget but keep the same services at a hypothetical college (you make up this information – college name, number of students, etc.) that has an issue with overspending and needs to make some changes to stay within their budget. For this proposal, you will find sources that explain how to create a budget and stay within it for a university, how to decrease spending for a university without losing services, statistics and facts to support your argument, and examples of other universities that utilized similar ideas to cut spending that were successful to back your ideas.

The Principle Elements:

  • Cover/Title page
  • Table of Contents and List of Figures
  • Executive Summary 1 page  (Never longer than one page)
  • Body (4 pages)
  • References (at least two recent, reliable research sources from within the last five years must be cited)
  • Appendices (if any used)

The paper should be well-written, formatted according to 

CSU-Global APA Guidelines

, and 10 pages total – including all bullet points above. Refer to the Portfolio Project rubric for grading criteria.

The following deliverables are due before midnight on Sunday of Weeks 3 and 6, respectively:

Week 2: Topic Submission (25 points of the Portfolio Project)
Week 4: Portfolio Annotated Bibliography (25 points of the Portfolio Project)

attached is the week 4 assignment you can get some sources from there




Annotated Bibliography for Portfolio Project

Brandon Butler

COM300 – Effective Business Communication: Research and Writing Skills

Colorado State University – Global Campus

Audra Spicer

January 10, 2016


Arsian, S. & Akkas, O. (2014, January). Quality of college life (QCL) of students in Turkey: students’ life satisfaction and identification. Social Indicators Research, 115(2), 869-884.

This academic journal article studies the challenges faced with academic budgets with consideration to the student’s quality of life. The study conducted evaluates the satisfaction of college life and how a budget can impact the quality of college life. In addition, the study monitored other areas, such as the academic program, social life, facilities, and services, to see the impact on a students’ quality of life. The study suggested that universities should focus on improving social satisfaction of the students as a main priority.

Romano, C. R., Hanish, J., Phillips, C., & Waggoner, M. D. (2010). The new normal: senior student affairs officers speak out about budget cutting. New Directors for Student Services, 1(29), 59-70.

This academic journal article studies the budget cuts that occurred to universities in the wake of the 2008/2009 financial crisis. They do this by interviewing for the experiences and strategies of leaders in student affairs within higher education from 12 public colleges and universities. The focus was primarily on communication methods, clarity, and the overall strategy taken to implement the budget cuts. The study finds that all people studied recognized the difficulties dealing with budget cuts and they all understood more were to come in the future.

Ehrenberg, R. G. (2013). Is the golden age of the private research university over? Change, 45(3), 16-23.

This academic journal article focuses on the financial challenges of colleges and universities with a focus on private research. The article seeks to promote universities as a means for higher economic activity, high-paying jobs, health improvement, and environmental improvement. It also discusses budgets and the increase in tuition costs. This article may be biased considering the stance taken toward promoting research universities.

Lalloo, R. & Massey, W. (2013, June). Simple cost analysis of a rural dental training facility in Australia. Australian Journal of Rural Health, 21(3), 158-162.

This academic journal article analyzes the costs of a clinical placement program with the School of Dentistry and Oral Health at Griffith University in Australia. It gives a window into the budget details and operational costs as well as the types of expenditures from 2008 to 2011. The article also communicates the dental training programs and clinical placements in remote rural communities.

Lazari, A. & Reid, D. (2013). College algebra – large section versus traditional size. Georgia Journal of Science, 71(2), 102-107.

This academic journal article analyzes the impact of large group learning versus traditional classroom sizes on the learning and success of students. Since the economic crisis in 2008/2009, universities were forced to downsize and operate on smaller budgets. The authors discuss the impact of the downsizing and how classrooms have grown in size to offset costs. The study details aspects such as course retention rates and students’ performance on the final exams from both sides to compare in detail.


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