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the assignment is 2 part

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part 1 is Mock Trip Plan [ in Shenandoah international park Virginia the name of trail is old rag.]  like 10 slides

part 2 is Meal Plan  like a page or less

there is an example for both part 1 and 2


Mock Trip Plan &in Shenandoah international park Virginia the name of trail is old rag

Students are to plan a four-day backpacking trip for you and 3 friends based on what was covered in class and readings in the text. Everyone is required to submit a trip plan based on the template provided and present their trip to the class. The plan should be emailed to the instructed before our last class meeting.

The plan and presentation should cover the following topics:

1. Who is in your group and the goal of the group

2. The research you’ve done for the trip as covered in class.

3. The equipment and clothing your group will use based readings from the text and the type of clothing needed for the time of year of your trip.

4. Your menu plan, the type of stove you will use and amount of fuel you will use. Based on class lecture and readings from the text.

5. Emergency Action Plan with emergency number of State Police, land managers and local hospital.

Include additional details such as the number of miles hiked each day and/ or other interesting facts.

RECR 121- Backpacking

Meal Plan Assignment

This assignment will be done in your tent group and contains two parts; a written meal plan and a demonstration of cooking your meal with the provided camp stove during the trip. Only one written meal plan is required to turn in per group which is due before class on September 23. The only meal required for this assignment is dinner on the Saturday night. During class we will review sample menus and meal plans, stove use, LNT techniques and other topics related to camp cooking.

The criteria for your meal plan is as followed and will be the basis for your grade:

Your meal must contain at least 3 ingredients

You must implement LNT trace principals

The meal must feed everyone in your tent group

You must use the stove that your group is assigned

No canned food ingredients


No Freeze Dried ingredients

Appalachian Trail: Jennings Creek to the James River

Trip Goals
Looking for…
Cover a lot of distance
Views along the trail
Views of and access to water

4 Days, 3 nights
28.5 miles
End to End
Rock Scramble
James River

Day 1: May 10th
Leave car at James River footbridge parking lot
Shuttle takes us South
Starting Point: The Jennings Creek parking area
Head northbound on the white-blazed AT
Camp- Cornelius Creek Shelter
Approx- 8.7 miles

Day 2: May 11th
Start from Black Rock Overlook.
Hike to the falls and along Cornelius Creek
The Guillotine – a round boulder perfectly balanced and wedged between two rock faces.
Dispose of trash on Blue Ridge parkway
Petites Gap-Camp
Approx -6.5 miles

Day 3: May 12th
High Cock Knob-extremely steep and rocky
junction with the north side of the Sulphur Spring Trail
Big Cove Branch
Matts Creek Shelter
Approx- 6.5 miles

Day 4: May 14th
Trail runs parallel to the James River
End: James River Footbridge
About 6.8 miles

Personal Gear:
Sleeping bag and pad
Water bottle/camelbak
Personal snacks
Pocket knife
Rain gear
Hiking and water shoes
Bug spray
Diva Cup 😉
Group Gear:
3 person tent
Hammock 🙂
Water filter
First Aid kit
Trash bags
Map of with our trail section
Bear bag & rope

Emergency Plan
Tell friends and family our trip itinerary and group members’ names and phone numbers
Have phone numbers of the Glenwood – Pedlar Ranger District Office and the Carilion Roanoke Memorial Hospital on hand
Evacuation Plan is to hike out to the Blue Ridge Parkway to find others or get signal

Hummus and pita
Apples and Peanut Butter, Cliff bars
PPB & J with flax seeds
Cous Cous and veggies
Noodles and sauce
Pita, beans, hummus, peppers
Trail mix
Dried fruit
Granola Bars

High 70s-low 80s during the day
High 50s-6s at night
Rain is possible

Permit Regulations
There are no permits required to camp here.

ExampleSample menus

Mac & Cheese

· A box of mac & cheese

· Broccoli

· Potatoes

Vegetarian Chili

· TVP (textured vegetable protein)

· Chili packet

· Onions/ green pepper

· Kidney bean (small can or packet)

Tuna/ Noodles

· Elbow noodles or spiral noodles

· Tuna packets

· Alfredo sauce packet (or other sauce packet)

Tortillas/ Burritos

· Flour tortillas

· Zucchini & squash

· Graded cheese

(cheddar and pepper jack)

· Onions/ peppers

· Taco sauce packet

Curry Vegetables

· Potatoes

· Peppers & onions

· Cauliflower

· Curry packets or curry seasoning

Pizza Bagels

· Bagels

· Pizza sauce packets

· Peperoni

· Graded cheese


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