Demonstate critical thinking and problem-solving skills in activities, Homeland Security

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For this assignment, you will develop a 2-page executive summary that includes the following:

  • A problem statement
  • A description of background, key stakeholder positions
  • Facts and assumptions
  • The courses of action (COA) that have been considered
  • The findings
  • Your recommendations

Thats the teachers file; It says exactly what he’s looking for

Conducting a Job Hazard Assessment

Chemical Hazards

A hazard Assessment is process of analyzing potential risks or hazards that employees can encounter while in work situation or work place.

Chemical Hazards
Using Chemicals Requires safe Procedures as well as safe handling of object. When employees use objects in during their work, they should be aware of hazardous effect associated with them

Harmful Dusts/Mists/Fumes/Particulates
Employee get exposed to chemicals such as aerosolization of microorganisms which poses a health hazard.

Sharp Objects
Are there sharp objects which could cut or pierce the body? •G l ass Knife blades
•Sheet metal
•Nail guns
•Splinters (wood)
•Burrs (metal)

Use of these chemicals may result to blood or body fluids infections

Administrative Controls
Reducing the frequency of working in hazardous chemicals
Employees can be rotated to reduce hazardous effect from chemicals

Engineering Controls
Employees can be eliminated from the hazard.
Using chemicals in control rooms
clearance distance
Using protective barriers and shields

Obtain a Material Safety Data Sheet on the product in question from the supplier and review the information provided for health hazards and suggested controls

Chemical use in workplace can be harmful to employees. Precautions needs to be taken in order to prevent hazardous effects. Also, administrative and engineering controls should be employed.


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