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mine is philanthropic.. company is caterpilla

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MNG81001 Management Communication

Assessment 4: Web-Based CSR Organisational Analysis (30%)

To: MNG81001 Students

From: Professor Elizabeth Roberts, MNG81001 UA

RE: Assessment 3: Web-Based HR Organisational Analysis

Purpose: To conduct web-based research on one company’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policies and practices.

Length: 2000 words – approximately 7 pages double spaced per group member).

Audience: Instructor

Format: Formal report

Marking Criteria: See attached Marking Guide

Due date: Friday, 26 May by 9:00 am on SCU Blackboard site

There are four steps that you need to complete for this assignment:

1. You will be assigned to a group of four students and will randomly be given one organization out of 2016 CSR RepTrak 100 report. Internal students will be given the name

of the company in the tutorial; external students will be notified via email.

2. The purpose of this assessment is for you to engage in web-based research. It is widely understood that there are four general types of CSR: economic responsibilities; legal responsibilities; ethical responsibilities; and, philanthropic responsibilities. Each student in your group needs to select ONE of the four themes and illustrate how your company’s CSR’s policies and practices are sustainable. Also discuss the implications for global SCR practice.

3. Start your web-based research by finding the company’s 2016 Annual Report. Then

do a search of popular business publications for any information about this

company’s CSR policies and practices. Finally, use academic research to support

your findings in relation to the selected theme. Each student needs to find 8-10 secondary sources for his/her section. Please do not include more than 10 references per student.

Document using APA format.

4. I encourage you to write a first draft of this memo at least one week prior to the due

date to ensure adequate time for revision. Please be aware that the writing quality

and appropriate referencing will be marked as well as the content. You are required

to submit this document to Turn It In on SCU Blackboard site.

Assessment #4 Marking Guide

Overall Purpose of Document (20 points)
Does this document achieve its primary purpose?
Are relevant sustainable CSR practices and policies identified?
Are the implications for global SCR practice adequately addressed?
Has the writer adequately addressed all reader concerns?
Has the writer adequately developed their thesis?

Audience Considerations (20 points)
Does this document take into account the needs of the audience?
Does this document provide adequate information for the reader?
Does the writer thoroughly address any potential questions from the reader?

Organizational Structure (20 points)
Does the writer use a direct order approach?
Is there a clear introduction, body, and conclusion for each section of the report?
Does the introduction include a clear purpose, thesis, and preview?
Are there clear organizational signposts including internal headings?
Does the writer reiterate the thesis and preview in the conclusion?

Paragraph Level Issues (20 points)
Does each paragraph start with a clear and persuasive topic sentence based on a specific criterion?
Does the writer support his/her assertions with specific and relevant examples?
Does the writer adequately use relevant information from 8-10 secondary sources?

Sentence Level Issues (20 points)
Are there grammatical or spelling errors that distract the reader and affect the writer’s credibility?
Is the language used correct, concise, and precise?
Is the language appropriate based on the expertise of the reader?
Is there a consistent tone and style used throughout the entire document?

Final Mark out of 100 points


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