write a critical literature review on the topic you have chosen. You must be scholarly, and plagiarism will not be tolerated. The literature review must be written in the APA style of writing. Apart from the operationalized headings you deduced from your topic(Minimum 8 Articles), the literature review must also contain the following: Factors (Variables) affecting the study, Review of Methods(What methodologies is used-Quantitative,Qualitative or Mixed), Review of Theories, and the Theoretical Framework of the Study. Critique Required(Agree some scholars and Disagree some Scholars) Recent References.

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Any Questions Regarding Topic Please let me know.

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Presentation of a research topic

My Researchable Topic is on Tableau Software, I have chosen this topic because currently I am learning and training on Tableau and my major subject was on Modern Info Systems, Web based software and Business and management principals, in this we go through different Phases and topics related various software, Tableau is groundbreaking data visualization software created by Tableau Software which connects easily to nearly any data source, which can be corporate Data Warehouse, or web-based data. Tableau is a (BI) tool that can help you create beautiful and visually-appealing reports, charts, graphs and dashboards using your data. These reports are interactive and can easily be shared with anyone.

As a Business Analyst, I will be working in development and support team of BI using Tableau software, where I will be focusing on how data is extracted and tabulated for decision making, therefore, I will ensure that I have gained as much knowledge as possible to enable the smooth running of the process.

Am very much passionate and interested in this project because my favorite way to use Tableau is when it’s connected to our data management and analytics platform (called the Hadoop Data Hub). When data is managed strategically, streamed daily, linked correctly, and visualized in a meaningful way, we have ability to transform how a business operates simply by looking at data in a way that was never possible until now.

My Researchable topic will be based on BI and analytics using Tableau software, in this corporate world there are many tools and software which keep on changing and updating In OLAP tools Tableau is the most advance one, by working, training, and doing my project in this helps me to build my career strong and gives an opportunity to explore myself in this fieldThis was my sample overview presentation on this TOPIC.
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