Hello the book LIFE LESSONS WITH TIM KREIDER In We Learn Nothing by Tim Kreider, many large themes of life are explored. Throughhis essays, Kreider blends his own experiences with commentary from other sources to develop aphilosophy on issues as diverse as heartbreak, laziness, death, haters and being true to yourself.
For this paper, you will need to identify one of the life lessons from Kreider’s text and
blend it with another source of your choice to develop your own philosophy on one of the bigissues. This is a synthesis paper so I am not looking for you to simply summarize or parrot
Kreider’s ideas on your life lesson but use his ideas as a jumping off point to bolster your own.
In fact, if you do not agree with Kreider, feel free to use him as a negative example to bolsteryour point of view.
It can be helpful to interpret synthesis as a conversation. Imagine you, Kreider and theauthor of your other source are sitting down to talk about one of these life lessons. Each personshould have his or her viewpoint expressed and understood but ultimately the conversation willlead to a new understanding of the topic.
Make sure your essay has a thesis and features the organizational conventions of a synthesisessay that we will discuss in class.
The final essay should be 3-4 pages in APA format with an abstract and reference page.

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