ou are now going to use some of the presentation skills you have learned in this unit by creating an informative presentation that communicates ideas in an interesting and exciting way. You can choose from a variety of topics, from explaining a scientific process to making an enticing travel brochure. You can even create a personal introduction to yourself or a personal web page. You have a variety of options for doing this:

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  1. a word processed document that blends pictures and text in an interesting way.
  2. a web page that does the same.
  3. a PowerPoint (or other similar software) presentation (make sure your teacher has the necessary software to read it).

Consider the following questions as you plan:

Purpose: What is the purpose?
Audience: Who is your intended audience? How will you design the graphics, text, video and audio components to suit this audience? How will you make your page appealing to this audience?
Content: What will be the content? How will you collect accurate information? Remember, it should have a valuable purpose.
Layout: How will you design the text so that it communicates the information you want, to the audience you want, in the way you want. What visual features (color, font, underlining, centering, bolding, etc.) will you choose and why?
Graphics: How will you select appropriate graphics? Where will you place them? How will they support the purpose, audience and content of your page? Where will you find the graphics?
Sound: What sound effects will be appropriate and necessary? Where will you place them? Where will you find them? How will you be sure that they add to, rather than interfere with the content?
Video: Would you want to add video to your Web page? If so, why? What kind of video? Where would you put it?

A note about plagiarism:

You have learned many times about plagiarism. Plagiarism occurs when someone uses another person’s writing, artwork or ideas without authorization. Plagiarism is illegal, and applies to electronic publishing as well as traditional publishing. Therefore, you cannot simply “lift” text, graphics, sound effects or video created by someone else and use it in his/her own work. A designer must have official permission to use someone else’s work


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