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Visual Factory Kaizen


Visual factory concept emphasizes on placing crucial information at the point of need. The focus of this paper is on the application of the 5s Kaizen program in creating a successful visual work place. The paper views Kaizen as the tool while a visual work place is the targeted goal that should be attained through continuous improvement. Based on findings of a research that was conducted on 13 organizations in different areas of manufacturing, the paper identified major factors that greatly determine the employees’ commitment to Kaizen events and upholding of right attitudes at the work place. Detailed literature review on the application of Kaizen philosophy, its development and application in the past, had been conducted as well as detailed field research whose findings boosted the understanding of the concept of continuous improvement by illustrating how visual management may be effective in an organization.

Analysis of the findings on the application of kaizen events by managers of organizations to implement procedures that encourage positive reception of change in the work place revealed that proper application of Kaizen can establish an operational stability that is needed for sustaining continuous improvements.

Qualitative analysis of the application 5s in highest and lowest work area attitudes suggests that it’s beneficial for managers to constantly embrace standard work events. Managers may place major emphasis on critical aspects when applying kaizen events to deal with critical issues in the organization. The findings also represent guidelines that managers can use to effectively apply Kaizen events in their organizations as well as highlighted areas that need to be researched further researched on in future.


Doolen, T. L., Van Aken, E. M., Farris, J. A., Worley, J. M., & Huwe, J. (2008). KAizen events and organizational perfomance:a field study. international journal of productivity and perfomance management , 57 (8), 637-658.


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