all Street Journal (or similar business-centric publication) that pertain to subjects discussed in class. For each article, students will write a 450 words  (total) summary and analysis of the article that describes how the principles of the class manifest themselves in the marketplace. These write-ups should follow class formatting standards. Students will submit a single packet that includes the two write-ups, followed by copies of both articles.

  • please strictly follow the instruction. in these current events you should include SWOT analysis]
  • this is an business strategy class, so you should pick up some article that is going to relate to business
  • Subjects should include strength, weakness, opportunities, and Threat.
  • More over, you should include:
  • where and what makes value relate to the article and then refer SWOT.

format and structure 

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Any assignments submitted to the professor for MNGT 481 should follow these specific formatting guidelines, unless otherwise specified. Please use single spacing and Times New Roman, 12-point font with 1” margins. Multi-page assignments should include a page number in the bottom right footer, and must be stapled in the top left corner. Students should include their name, course and section number, and date in the top right header. Assignment headings should be clearly indicated at the top of the page. The body of the assignment should follow, with appropriate headings and subheadings to organize the material. Include a single space between sections, paragraphs, question responses, etc. All assignments are to be turned in at the beginning of class, unless otherwise specified (see list of key deliverables); late and emailed assignments will not be accepted. 


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