good, well-organized, thoughtful essays, answer the following two questions. Try to show off everything you know about writing!

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1.). Which was the most meaningful assignment to you this semester and why? ( I uploaded the assignment) – 0.5 pages (150 words)

2.) Which was the most meaningul piece of literature to you this semester and why? ( the book is Secret of a bee) – 1 page

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Nathaly Reyes
English 1
3 – 1 – 17

Assignment #1.”Who Am I?”

I have frequently doubt what it is that makes me who I am. Is it my charisma, or my
individuality? Is it the way that I dress? Possibly it is my choice of career? Or, possibly it
is a sequence of all of these things, on account of I don’t think that there is one depiction
or brand that is able to perform of describe me entirely. I like reading The Outsiders and
watching “Bones.” I like Gymnastics, mozzarella sticks and learning french. I value
truthfulness, assurance, knowledge and compassion. These are strong and true facts, but
there is abundance I do not know about myself. I have mixed sensation about religion. I
have no common place answer to attempt about a metamorphic action or a moment of
awareness, and it is hard for me to give a inclusive notification of who I am, for my
character spread’s out more every day as my knowledge evolves. Because I am only 15
years old, life has a lot of development to do.

Day after day my knowledge and ability grows, and I learn more about me. Each time I
write what is in my head as sincerely as I can, another piece of the personality puzzle is
disclose. Generally, I like what is dig up (however this change rely upon on how “teenage
juvenile” I’m feeling). I am not anxious that I don’t know entirety about myself. While I get
older, I’ll figure it out. In conclusion, there are abundant contrasting things that make me
who I am. It is not just my individuality and my charisma, in addition to the things I do
and say. I appear to be made up completely of opposites and conflicts. There are so many
dissimilar aspects that make up this puzzle that is me – a alone distinctive.


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