Attached, is a very interesting article that just came out today about the outsourcing of Liberia’s entire public education system to three private, foreign operators. Read this article carefully and answer all three of the following questions as they relate to Liberia. Also answer the fourth question from a broader perspective (doesn’t have to relate to Liberia).

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1. Why was Liberia’s education system in such bad shape? Is Liberia’s education problem better described by a Demand “Wallah” explanation or a Supply “Wallah” explanation? Please explain. (Remember our Duflo reading.)

2. What stage of reform intervention based on McKinsey’s stage model of reform does the Bridge Academy’s education model correspond to? What was the criticism against Bridge’s pedagogy? Do you agree? Please explain.

3. If you were the education minister of Liberia, what would you do?

4. What is the purpose of education? Please cite points from the readings, such as Paolo Freire, Cardinal Newman, Hanushek, etc.

Inside Liberia’s controversial experiment to outsource education



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