book: The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian–Sherman Alexie

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Post your rough draft (2 -3 pages of your final paper) for Peer Review and offer feedback to two other students.

For this review, please use sandwich feedback method:

  1. You relate something that is working well in the paper,
  2. Provide some constructive insights as to how the writer can improve upon the paper,
  3. Follow this with another positive comment about the paper.

Please consider this rubric in providing your constructive feedback:



APA Format: Write a research paper that is a minimum of 5-6 pages in length and submit it in proper APA format, including cover page, in-text citations, and reference page. For APA guidelines, go to Rasmussen College’s Online Library, which you can access through the Resources tab.


Thesis: Incorporate a strong thesis that is placed as the last sentence in the introductory paragraph: A solid thesis includes the Author, Title of the novel, and your assertion. It should also include A, B, and C, which may be a few of the narrators, family members, or key points that will be used in the paper.


Quotes: Include three or more quotes from the primary text as well as a couplesecondary sources. (Primary sources are by the author, while secondary sources are books, journal articles, and essays about the author.) Be sure to utilize resources available in the college’s Online Library, which is accessible through the Resourcestab.


Assertion: Be sure to present a strong argument that ends with a solid conclusion. This means that you will repeat your thesis and add your final thoughts or end with a strong quote.


Overall: Paper is a quality, well-researched effort that is professional and well written.




Remember that the in-text and references should be included:

For example, this means the student should include in-text citations and reference for each quote (Author, year, p. X). Other variations, depending on the source cited are available in the Rasmussen Library.

Author, I. (Year published). Title of our textbook. City, State: Publisher.

Please make your initial post by midweek, and respond to at least one other student’s post by the end of the week. Please check the Course Calendar for specific due dates.

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