1) Discuss how Congress is shaped by the U.S. Constitution

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How is Congress empowered? (think enumerated powers and elastic clause)
How is Congress restrained? (think separation of powers and checks and balances)

2) Define the following terms:

  1. Reapportionment/Gerrymandering
  2. Standing committeeSelect committee
  3. Joint committee
  4. Conference committee
  5. Filibuster/Cloture

3) Review the differences between the House of Representatives and the Senate.

4) Explain how the committees and subcommittees are central to an understanding of the legislative process.

5) Briefly describe the functions of legislative leaders and political parties in Congress

6) Identify the four main types of legislation and show how a bill becomes a law.

7) Do you think Congress carries out the representative responsibility in a way that can be considered democratic?

Chapter Seventeen: The Budget and Economic Policy

1) What are some of the government’s objectives when it comes to regulating the economy?

2) What are some tools of macroeconomic policy?

3) Who are the main actors in economic policy-making and what are their respective roles?


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