he way in which data is inputted, stored, accessed, and disseminated is essential to quality patient health outcomes, organizations’ profit margins, standardization, and strategic planning. Health care leaders are challenged in obtaining the most efficient and most secure information system(s). In a minimum of 300 words, address the following points in your post:

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  • Discuss some of the leading health information systems.
  • Discuss the features of health information systems infrastructure.
  • Discuss some of the objectives of information technology planning. Consider the ideas of cost versus quantity.
  • Discuss some ways in which health care leaders strategically think of IT investments as assets.
  • Define IT alignment and its limitations.

Please use a format that includes sub-headings in all of your Discussion posts. For example, in Week 1, Discussion 1, you are to address specific points that are outlined in the discussion instructions. Your post should list those specific points as sub-headings as shown below:

The importance of health care information systems to health care professionals.

Four of the major health information systems and their use.

The impact of health information systems on patient care.

Three definitions of the term “health care information.”


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