-5 page essay, combined character sketch essay and video project assignment
so my teacher made 7 videos discussing different reviewed elements.

what you have to do is—-

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1. log onto the website


2. username: evalena.kalla password Nattalia1

3. choose the class history 108

4. click on assignments and it will take you to a page and find ¨daughter of fortune assignment¨

5. Click on that, there should be a red link that takes you directly towards the directions

6. dont worry about the first part so all you have to do read and follow the directions starting from ¨now let me proceed to discuss¨ and so forth

7. once youre done reading and understanding the concept, make sure youre still on history 108, go back to the home page, and look for ¨daughter of fortune review videos¨

8. pick two videos to do the essay on and make sure you let me know which ones they are after you have completed it for me.


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