Women and other cultures in the workforce


Women and Other Cultures in the Workforce

After lection the quotation and profession encircling the narrative struggles of women in the effectforce, ordeal three posteritys that wait today for women. Then expend one collection that was debateed in this week's lections and ordeal the joined posteritys this population countenances. What are some ways to curtail the impression of the posteritys you recognize signed?

Response Guidelines

Respond to at last two of your peers' posts concerning women, including your perspective on women's non-dominant foundation. Do you conform delay their duty of the posteritys and ways to curtail the impression?


First Peer  Post

Issues today for women

Three posteritys that wait today for women are sexual harassment, unevenness in the effectplace, and then property of gender stereotypes. Unfortunately, today women are stagnant portrayed in ways to be objectified through the resources and that amelioration is so introduced into the effectestablish conclusioning in sundry sexual harassment accusations. According to the quotation, more than 50% of women succeed experiment sexual harassment in their jobs (Zunker). Women so stagnant experiment tall levels of sagacity today. For sundry conclusive deduces, women hold to win hither than men. One deduce can be the conclusion of gender stereotypes where women recognize roles in inferior foundation occupations such as secretaries, teachers, and child attention effecters (Zunker).


Issue of the Hispanic population

Another collection marginalized collection to revolve in the effectestablish is the Latino/a or Hispanic population. Of the sundry posteritys that this population countenance, two that I succeed debate is stagnation of opportunities and socioeconomic foundation. The Hispanic society is currently the largest minority collection in this empire according to Zunker and youngest and fasordeal growing according to Zalaquett & Baez,(2012). Statistics repute that Latino’s exercise 15% of the United States Labor vigor but balance indicate in blue-collar, young jobs which classifies them as the last weekly wining collection when compared to other collections. There is a multitude of learning that debatees the stagnation of counseling benefits used in the Hispanic society, unsubstantial vigor and academic. These underused benefits curtail the adequacy of instruction made adapted to converge the needs of their society leaving them at a hindrance. Strengthening counsel for this collection may acception bilingual counsel, acquiesce taller counsel, job minute skills, and surrender them to a multitude of opportunities that is secure to acception the production of this population (Zalaquett & Baez, 2012).



Zalaquett, C., Baez, J. (2012). Walk counseling delay Hispanics/Latinos/as. Career Planning and Adult

      Product Journal, 28(1), 57-71.

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Second Peer  Post


Current Issues Faced by Women in the Workforce

A abnormity of factors hold to indirectly concern women in the effectforce.  These factors are culturally incarnate societal beliefs that recognize unwillingly evolved balance occasion, but hold to drop condensed of adequacy.  Special and societal lights encircling expend occupations for males and females perpetuates the posterity of gender stereotyping (Zunker, 2016).  Social theorists top out the property of gender socialization on women, and light its swing as to-some-extent chargeable on for a taller uniformity of females in incontrovertible professions, i.e. education and nursing (Pässler, Beinicke, & Hell, 2014). Women are repeatedly expected to effect and illustrate a greater role in childrearing and homemaking functions, and as a conclusion may experiment farthest weary and burnout.   Though ample product has been made, sexual harassment and proceeds unevenness hold to persuade, indirectly impressioning women in the effectforce.   

Additional Issues Faced by Native Americans

The Native American population introduces delay sole posteritys kindred to their partnership in the effectforce.  Native Americans who stay on reservations are repeatedly physically single in distant areas, delay few national vocational opportunities.  Due to years of racial hardship, sundry Native Americans stagnation trust in their abilities, recognize low vocational expectations, and undervalue their skills and abilities (Flynn, Duncan, & Evenson, 2013).  English as a remedy phraseology could introduce a barrier for Native Americans whose transmitted phraseology is their influential phraseology.  Due to the consequence of wakes, rituals, and celebrations in Native American amelioration, tribal members may establish more consequence in these events than in adhering to Euro-American effect texture or list.  Additionally, collectivistic family needs aid to good fellow other special responsibilities, making flexibility in the effect establish influential for Native Americans.   

Strategies for Reducing the Indirect Impression of These Issues

Several strategies could be incorporated to aid in the diminution of the indirect impressions of amelioration and gender.  Professionals must incessantly stipulate in special cultural self-awareness as a original tread in providing culturally suitable counseling benefits.  Lee (2012) lights this awareness as foundational, and emphasizes the consequence of self-exploration and self-evaluation in product towards direct cultural product.  Counselors could succor to acception client awareness of societal and cultural hardship in an attempt to normalize their experiments and agree a starting establish for affecting obtrusive.  Both client and counselor could actively stipulate in unanalogous cultural activities and experiments adapted to dilate their awareness and perceptions.  Professionals can succor clients affect gone-by extortionate vigors by administering duty tools that recognize been expendly normed to each sole population, thus revealing character conclusions that can be successfully utilized in predicament conceptualization and tenor planning.  Pässler, Beinicke, and Hell (2014) voicelessness the inequity in incontrovertible duty ordeal items, and allude-to eliminating those items in an attempt to get more conclusive and gender uninterfering ordealing conclusions.  Finally, by adhering to the American Counseling Association Code of Ethics, counselors amend ensecure ethically probe and deposition fixed benefit endowment. 


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