Week six final paper psy699:

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Week 6 - Last Assignment       

Integrative Reading Revisal Path agent is substance used for this referment. Gladden be fixed to adequate the Survey Acknowledgement Raillery this week in ordain to introduce the Integrative Reading Review. You succeed not be recognized to introduce your Last Nursing Dissertation until you keep adequated the raillery this week. The original appearance of this reading revisal is to combine concepts from impure contrariant gladdend domains among the larger opportunity of psychology. The impure gladdend domains should be selected from foregoing sequenceeffort in this program. In this Nursing Dissertation, tyros succeed revisal the perceiveings in the peculiar experimental doctrines, arrange the learning in a meaningful way, evaluate the reliability, hardness, and unconcealedizability of the learning perceiveings, and introduce an combined matter of the learning that sheds new frivolous on the themes among and opposing the impure domains. The upshot of a happy integrative reading revisal may be a forcible subsidy to a detail matter of attainments and, accordingly, to learning and custom. Therefore, precedently letter this reading revisal, comprehensible new learning must be conducted via the Internet and among the Ashford University Library for each of the impure selected domains. A reserve of six sources must be interjacent for each of the impure domains. Although gladdend from reading revisals adequated in foregoing sequences among this program may be interjacent, it may not make the whole learning for the peculiar domains addressed among this referment. No excite than impure sources from foregoing reading revisals adequated in this program may be utilized for this integrative revisal. The headings scheduleed underneath must be used among the Nursing Dissertation to portray the minoritys of gladdend. These minoritys grasp the following: a disencumbered introduceation that provides a unconcealed revisal and arranges the learning in a meaningful way; a theme in which the testimony is introduceed through anatomy, refinement, and matter; and a misrecord in which the theme is drawn concurrently in a meaningful way, the assertions of the introduceation are brought to a themeative imperviousness, and new learning is projected. Introduction Provide a conceptual frameeffort for the revisal.Describe how the revisal succeed be arranged. The questions underneath may be used to train this minority.What are the persuasive theories among the domains?How are the domains conjoined?Are there competing aims of judgment opposing the domains?Why is the integration of these domains weighty? What is the truth of these domains?What are the kindred theories or perceiveings? Describe how the reading was attested, analyzed, and synthesized.How and why was the reading selected?What is your assertion or disquisition proposition?DiscussionProvide the anatomy, refinement, and matter for the revisal.AnalysisExamine the ocean ideas and relationships introduceed in the reading opposing the impure domains.Integrate concepts from the impure contrariant gladdend domains among the larger opportunity of psychology.What assertion(s) can be made in the introduceation?What testimony supports the assertion(s) made in the introduceation?Critique Evaluate the reliability, hardness, and unconcealedizability of the selected learning perceiveings. How courteous does the reading reintroduce the issues opposing the impure domains? Identify the strengths and the key subsidys of the reading.What, if any, deficiencies hold among the reading? Keep the authors omitted any key aims and/or themes? What, if any, inaccuracies keep been attested in the reading? What testimony runs incompatible to the assertions projected in the introduceation, and how force these be reconciled delay the assertions introduceed? Explain how the APA Religions Principles of Psychologists and Code of Conduct force swing the reliability and/or unconcealedizability of the selected perceiveings. Did the religions issues swing the outcomes of the learning? Were religions considerations contrariant opposing the domains? Syndisquisition Combine II holding ideas delay new ideas to educe new attainments and new perspectives. Describe the learning that has foregoingly been effected opposing these domains, as courteous as any controversies or be-undetermined opinions that currently hold. Relate the testimony introduceed to the elder misrecords substance made. Construct disencumbered and resume themes using testimony-based psychoargumentative concepts and theories to posit new relationships and perspectives on the themes among the domains. Conclusion Provide a misrecord and introduce undeveloped advenient considerations. State your last misrecord(s). Synthesize the perceiveings pictorial in the theme into a brief resume.What questions sojourn? What are the likely implications of your theme for holding theories and for trite society?Are there strange theories and/or testable hypothesizes for advenient learning?What do the overarching implications of the studies pretext?Where should the learning go from this aim to excite the interpretation of these domains and the senior con-over of psychology?Attention Students: The Masters of Arts in Psychology program is utilizing the Pathbrite portfolio machine as a lodgment for tyro erudite effort in the originate of attestation referments adequated among the program. Behind receiving feedback for this Integrative Reading Review, gladden instrument any changes recommended by the professor, go to Pathbrite (Links to an superficial office.)Links to an superficial office. and upload the revised Integrative Reading Revisal to the portfolio. (Use the Pathbrite Quick-Start Guide (Links to an superficial office.)Links to an superficial office. to educe an totality if you do not already keep one.) The upload of attestation referments succeed siege settle behind completing each sequence. Be fixed to upload revised attestation referments throughout the program as the portfolio and its gladdends succeed be used in other sequences and may be used by peculiar tyros as a negotiative material machine. See the Pathbrite (Links to an superficial office.)Links to an superficial office. weboffice for counsel and excite instructions on using this portfolio machine.The Integrative Reading ReviewMust be 20 to 30 double-spaced pages in protraction (not including appellation and relations pages) and originateatted according to APA mode as outlined in the Ashford Letter Center. (Links to an superficial office.)Links to an superficial office. Must grasp a unconnected appellation page delay the following: Appellation of Nursing Dissertation Tyro call Sequence call and reckon Instructors call Date introduceted Must commence delay an precursory chapter that has a brief disquisition proposition. Must address the theme of the Nursing Dissertation delay hazardous design. Must end delay a misrecord that reaffirms your disquisition. Must use at meanest 24 peer-reviewed sources, including a reserve of 20 from the Ashford University Library. Must muniment all sources in APA mode as outlined in the Ashford Letter Center. Must grasp a unconnected relation schedule that is originateatted according to APA mode as outlined in the Ashford Letter Center. Carefully revisal the Grading Rubric (Links to an superficial office.)Links to an superficial office. for the criteria that succeed be used to evaluate your referment.