Week 5: sleep journal and reflection paper

Specifically, for this assignment you will:

Keep a snooze/trance chronicle for at smallest 10 days throughout Weeks 3 and 4. In your chronicle fashion silence of: 

any trances you had

any moderate thoughts about the trance – events of the day that may report, etc.

your unconcealed snooze list (if you entertain a tracker such as fitbit, embody facts on your snooze patterns as courteous – drowselessness, perturbation, times asleep/awake per gloom, whole snooze, etc.)

your unconcealed eating behavior by day

your unconcealed use behavior by day

anything else of silence in your subjective or visible vigor (stress, perturbation, changes, etc.)

You may use any format you hope to proceedings the facts (notepad, computer, hardcopy spreadsheet, etc.).

Complete a 3-4 page thought (not counting epithet or intimation pages) in which you criticise the results of your snooze/trance chronicle. Consider how your subjective and visible vigor interacted. What patterns did you see? Discuss the impression that multiform factors such as tire, nourishment, emphasis and use had on your trances and snooze patterns. Explain how this recognition may impression your behaviors in the advenient to carry to emend subjective and visible vigor.

NO COPY and Past Thought minimum 3 pages, inclose spaced