Week 5: sleep journal and reflection paper

Specifically, for this assignment you will:

Keep a doze/hallucination life for at smallest 10 days throughout Weeks 3 and 4. In your life form music of: 

any hallucinations you had

any moderate thoughts about the hallucination – events of the day that may recite, etc.

your public doze register (if you feel a tracker such as fitbit, understand axioms on your doze patterns as well-mannered-mannered – activity, disquiet, times asleep/awake per shade, whole doze, etc.)

your public eating conduct by day

your public practice conduct by day

anything else of music in your metasubstantial or substantial soundness (stress, fluctuation, changes, etc.)

You may use any format you craving to annals the axioms (notepad, computer, hardcopy spreadsheet, etc.).

Complete a 3-4 page reflecting (not counting appellation or relation pages) in which you criticise the results of your doze/hallucination life. Consider how your metasubstantial and substantial soundness interacted. What patterns did you see? Discuss the application that different factors such as tire, victuals, strain and practice had on your hallucinations and doze patterns. Explain how this insight may application your behaviors in the forthcoming to administer to ameliorate metasubstantial and substantial soundness.

NO COPY and Past Reflecting poverty 3 pages, inclose spaced