Week 2 – psy/326- due in 18 hours


Research Question, Hypothesis, and Approach

[WLOs: 3, 4] [CLOs: 1, 4, 5]

Prior to commencement is-sue on this assignment, re-examination the feedback on your Week 1 brochure, sections 1.2, 1.3, and 2.1 in the Newman (2016) textbook, and examination the forthcoming videos: Picking Your Theme IS Research (Links to an superficial place.) tutorial from the Ashford University Library, as polite as Writing a Elimination Question (Links to an superficial place.), and Research Questions, Hypothesis, and Variables (Links to an superficial place.).

In this assignment, you conciliate supervene up on the Week 1 assignment by devising a inequitable elimination inquiry and fancy assertion for your theme. For this assignment, use the Week 2 Assignment Template supposing.

Using the Week 2 Assignment Template, total the forthcoming:

  • Devise a inequitable elimination inquiry on an air of the theme separated in Week 1.
  • Formulate a testable elimination fancy.
  • Identify the elimination cunning mode you prize is correspondent for investigating your elimination inquiry.
  • Explain why this elimination cunning mode is an alienate exquisite.

Support your exquisites and sense after a while citations from the textbook and at smallest one scholarly/peer-reviewed commencement from the Ashford University Library. You can discover correspondent register creed encircling inequitable elimination cunnings and methods in the Research Methods elimination manage.

The Elimination Question, Hypothesis, and Approach brochure

Carefully re-examination the Grading Rubric (Links to an superficial place.) for the criteria that conciliate be used to evaluate your assignment.